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Snuggle Express: All Aboard!


OHS puppies and kittens are ready to brighten your holiday season.



The OHS Snuggle Express will visit Portland-area businesses on Dec. 10-11.



Santa's sleigh may take a back seat this holiday season to the popular OHS Snuggle Express.


A fleet of Snuggle Express vehicles will bring a cargo of cuddly kittens and precious puppies to select businesses in the Portland metro area during the height of the December holiday season. Visits will take place on Dec. 10 or 11.


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Deliveries to Brighten Your Day


Each Snuggle Express delivery (powered by an Oregon City Subaru vehicle) will include an experienced OHS representative and a mix of puppies and kittens that can be cuddled by employees at participating businesses.


If your business can't participate in Snuggle Express, consider sponsoring a visit to a local K-12 classroom instead! Please indicate this preference on your application.


The puppy and kitten visits, which will last between 15 minutes to one hour on Dec. 10 and 11, should help relieve holiday stress and brighten the day of employees.


How to Apply and Donate


The application period closed on Dec. 1. Applicants will be notified of their visit times by the OHS events team.


Because of the expected high demand for a visit from the Snuggle Express, interested businesses must submit requests between Nov. 4-Dec. 1. If accepted, businesses will be notified by Dec. 8 of the day and approximate time of the visit. Businesses not selected will receive a refund of their initial donation.


A donation of $100 will bring a 15-minute visit by the Snuggle Express, while a 30-minute visit is available for $200. Businesses will be selected based on location, enabling Snuggle Express vehicles to make as many visits as possible. Businesses can guarantee a one-hour visit by kittens and puppies with a donation of $1,000.


What: OHS Snuggle Express Brings Furry Friends to Area Businesses

Share your Snuggle Express photos online using the hashtag #snugglexpress


When: Dec. 10 and 11, 2014


To Participate:

  • Requests for visits and payment must be made online no later than noon on Dec. 1.
  • Businesses will be selected based on location.
  • Businesses must have a suitable indoor area for puppies, kittens and visitors.   
  • The day and time of a visit will be based on location.
  • Business locations must be within the Portland metro area.



15 minute visit - $100

30 minute visit - $200

One hour guaranteed visit - $1,000

All proceeds benefit the pets of OHS.



Snuggle Express Sponsor


The Snuggle Express is sponsored by Oregon City Subaru, which is furnishing all vehicles used to transport kittens and puppies. As part of the company's "Share the Love" campaign, the purchaser can designate OHS as the recipient of $250 when buying a new Subaru from Oregon City Subaru. The Share the Love promotion runs through January 2, 2015.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


How many kittens and puppies will be brought to my business? The number of kittens and puppies will depend on the quantity we have in the shelter at the time of the event. We expect to bring 2-3 puppies and 2-3 kittens to each location. One hour visits receive double the kittens and puppies!


What if my employees need more than 15 minutes of snuggling and can’t bear to see the pets leave? We request that you accurately anticipate your snuggle needs in your application. We need to fulfill many holiday wishes and must to stick to scheduled time limits to spread cheer to all.


Can I adopt a kitten or puppy? Yes! All kittens and puppies will be available for adoption at the OHS shelter. Holds and adoptions will not be permitted during the event due to time constraints.


Will the pets be okay with so much travelling? All pets will be cared for by a trained OHS representative to ensure the puppies and kittens are safe, stress levels are low, and they have enough food, water, bathroom breaks and rest time.


How will businesses be selected for a visit? After reviewing all requests, we will select businesses that are in close geographic proximity to other applicants within the greater Portland metro area. This will allow us to visit the greatest number of locations in the least amount of time. This also means that some businesses that request a visit may not be selected. If a business is not selected, a full refund will be issued.  For a $1,000 donation, a one-hour visit is guaranteed.