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Report Animal Cruelty

When you suspect animal cruelty, abuse, or neglect, our Humane Special Agents are here to help.

If you believe you’ve witnessed a crime involving animals, submit an online report or call (503) 802-6707.

About Humane Law Enforcement

Oregon Humane Society’s Humane Special Agents are highly-trained, sworn police officers with authority to investigate allegations of animal cruelty crimes within the State of Oregon.  Most cases investigated by humane special agents involve unintentional neglect and can be resolved by educating owners about proper care of animals.

Humane Special Agents are authorized to issue criminal citations, author search warrants, and assist other law enforcement agencies in investigation, crime scene processing and evidence collection.   While most of our work takes place in Clackamas, Marion, Washington, Yamhill, and surrounding counties, OHS humane special agents have jurisdiction statewide.

Is your issue occurring in Multnomah County? Report to Multnomah County Animal Services at (503) 988-7387.


If your concern is an emergency (an animal is in immediate danger or immediate need of medical care), call 911. Examples of emergencies include:

  • A person is currently in the act of hitting, punching, kicking, or otherwise causing injury to an animal
  • Animal is trapped in a hot car and showing symptoms of heat stroke (heavy panting, restlessness or lethargy, dark tongue or gums, vomiting, lack of coordination, unresponsive)

Barking, Stray Animals, Bites, Theft

If your concern involves barking, stray/loose/abandoned animals, animal bites, roadkill, or similar issues, call your local animal control agency.

In Multnomah County, call Multnomah County Animal Services at (503) 988-7387. If your animal was stolen, contact your local law enforcement agency to file a theft report.


To report a crime involving wildlife, contact the Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife Division at 1-800-452-7888. For concerns about injured or sick  wildlife, contact the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife at (503) 947-6000.

Neglect and Abuse

Oregon Humane Society’s Humane Special Agents investigate allegations of animal cruelty crimes within the State of Oregon. If you believe you have witnessed a crime involving animal cruelty, complete our online report form or call (503) 802-6707.

Most of the reports investigated by our humane special agents occur in the Willamette Valley, Portland Metro area, and nearby areas. If your concern is occurring outside of these areas, please contact your local animal welfare or law enforcement agency.

Already Reported to Another Agency?

Please do not report your concern to multiple agencies. Reporting to multiple agencies may delay helping the animal you are concerned about. Contact the original agency if you have questions or updates about the situation you reported.

You can reference Oregon’s animal cruelty and related laws in the Oregon Animal Cruelty Laws Handbook (PDF).

What is considered adequate shelter for a domestic animal in Oregon? Find the answers to this question and more in these guidelines to Oregon’s animal statutes, plus essential resources to help domestic animals in our state.