Oregon Humane Society
  Needed Supplies


Donations of supplies help keep the shelter running and keep overhead costs down. Directions and hours for dropping off donations can be found here.


If you prefer to donate money, OHS can double or even triple individual buying power by buying in bulk. You can make an online donation here.


Note: we currently do not need blankets. Please do not bring blankets to the shelter.


Categories of Needed Items


Specific Items and Amazon.com


To see specific items we need, visit the OHS Wishlist on Amazon.com. If you use Amazon Smile, you can also select OHS as the charity you'd like to support!


Oregon Humane Society




Urgent Requests

  • Veterinary special diet foods (any extra or partial/leftover bags or cans welcome) - example: Royal Canin DM dry/wet food for dogs or cats
  • Potty pads for puppies
  • Wet/canned cat food, especially strong-smelling types like Tiki Cat
  • Dog treats (for small-medium sized dogs)
  • Dry cat food (see brands below)
  • XL plastic dog crates (for transferring large dogs through our Second Chance program)

Toys for Enrichment

  • Hard rubber chew toys (Kongs)
  • Rawhides and Nylabones
  • Rodent chew toys/baby toys
  • Large and small parrot toys
  • Cat toys (no loose catnip)
  • Rabbit toys (hard plastic toys like baby rattles, bird toys with bells inside, etc.)

Food Supplies

  • We accept high-quality brands of food like Canidae/Felidae, Castor & Pollux, Eukanuba, Innova, Natural Balance, Newman's Own, Nutro, Pinnacle, Purina Select/Purina One, Royal Canin and Wellness.
  • Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer
  • KMR Kitten Milk Replacer
  • Rodent mix food
  • Stainless steel food bowls
  • Ceramic crock bowls for small animals

Kennel Items

  • Kuranda Beds (can be donated to OHS through the Kuranda website)
  • New flat dog collars (NOT flea collars)
  • New Nylon or leather leashes
  • "Good Mews" cat litter
  • Kitten-size litter boxes (small)
  • Vari-kennels (large and x-large)


  • Clippers and blades
  • Nail clippers (cat/dog)
  • Flea combs


  • Heating pads
  • Postal scales to weigh kittens
  • Advantage/ADVANTIX/Frontline flea control

Animal Rescue (OHSTAR)

Behavior & Training

  • Natural BalanceĀ® Dog Food Rolls Beef, Lamb or Turkey
  • Adaptil (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Spray Bottles and Collars
  • "Rescue Remedy" by Bach Flower
  • Freedom No-Pull Harnesses, Small
  • Dog training food tubes



Equipment & Appliances

  • Automobile battery charger
  • Digital cameras and photo cards
  • EZ-up canopies for outdoor adoption events
  • High quality color laser printers (desktop-sized)
  • Laptop or desktop computers less than three years old
  • Flat-screen monitors - at least 20" (LCD/LED)
  • Photoshop Elements software (new)
  • USB Flash Drives - 1 GB or larger
  • Inventory scanner - Janam Inventory Scanner #3860 (compatible with New West Technologies)

Other Miscellaneous Items

  • Blizzard fleece (med. weight) min. 29x44" or gift certificate to Joann Fabrics
  • Plain brown bags (4 lb.-70 lb. available at Costco or Cash & Carry)
  • Food storage 1-gallon plastic baggies (with twist ties)

  • Sandwich-sized ziplock baggies
  • Dryer sheets
  • Work gloves
  • New animal-themed collectibles (small items to be sold in Best Friends' Corner to raise funds for the shelter: porcelain plates, jewelry, small art prints, etc.).