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Marion and Polk Counties are home to community cats, and Oregon Humane Society Salem Campus serves as a resource for these felines, including spay and neuter services on an appointment basis.

What is a community cat?

According to the ASPCA, “Community Cat” is a term used to describe outdoor, unowned, free-roaming cats. These felines can be friendly or skittish, young or old, altered or unaltered. They may or may not have a caregiver.

How do I help a community cat in my neighborhood?

Many local resources, including Oregon Humane Society, offer a “TNR” program—a Trap, Neuter/Spay, and Return program. This program is available for both feral (wild) as well as stray and community cats. The “TNR” program is not available for any owned cats. Check out the collaborative video below for more information about how TNR programs work.

Oregon Humane Society Salem Campus offers spay and neuter services to community cats on an appointment basis.

To schedule a TNR appointment, please send us a message.

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