White and grey kitten posing for the camera while resting on their human's lap.

Dedicate a Tribute Tag

Make a donation to the New Road Ahead to recognize a pet or person who loves them. Your tribute tag will hang on a dedication wall in our Community Veterinary Hospital.

Tribute Tag Levels

Choose between three different levels of tribute tags: Gold (4″), Silver (3″), and Bronze (2″). We will reach out with any questions about your tribute tag. Please allow 6 to 7 weeks for processing time.

$2,500 Gold

  • 4” Gold Tag
  • 60-character count, including spaces
Gold Pet Tag Tribute Dedication

$1,000 – Silver

  • 3” Silver Tag
  • 45-character count, including spaces
Silver Pet Tag Tribute Dedication

$500 Bronze

  • 2” Bronze Tag
  • 50-character count, including spaces
Bronze Pet Tag Tribute Dedication

Contact Us

Tributes Program

(503) 802-6766