Resources: Housing that Welcomes Pets

OHS offers the following list of resources to help people find, create or advocate for housing options that welcome pets.

Please note that the links provided will take you away from the OHS website. The Oregon Humane Society is not affiliated with these outside organizations; we offer these resources as a courtesy to pet owners.

Resources for Tenants, Landlords and Advocates

Detailed information for renters with pets, landlords, and those who wish to advocate for pet-friendly housing can be found here »

Source: Humane Society of the United States

Resources for Renters

Need a place to rent, but having trouble finding housing that accepts pets?

Pet-friendly rental properties in the Portland, OR area »

Resources for renters with pets »

Sample letters of recommendation for landlords »

Rental Properties Accepting Pets

Portland Area

Please note that you may need to select cat, dog, or pets from available filters to sort these listings by those that are pet-friendly. This is not an exhaustive list, but those shown are verified to welcome pets and/or include a search feature that prioritizes locating properties that allow pets.

Resources for renters with pets

Sample Documentation

Sometimes, letters of reference for your pet can help show a landlord that your pet(s) will be good tenants.

Sample letter of Reference from Veterinarian

Dear ________________,

It is with extreme pleasure that I write this letter of reference for (Your Name Here) and her (cat/dog), (pet name here). (Pet name here) has been a regular patient at (Vet Clinic/Hospital name) since he/she was adopted by (his/her) caregiver (Your name here), from the local animal shelter seven years ago.

(Your name here) is a model pet caregiver, and I wish all pet caregivers were as conscientious as she/he is in her care of (pet name here). (Pet name here) is (neutered/spayed), receives yearly checkups and necessary vaccinations, and is on a flea-control program.

Please feel free to contact me personally or any member of my staff to discuss (Your Name here) and (pet name here) unquestionable suitability as housing residents.

Joe Doctor, DVM
Any Veterinary Hospital

Sample letter to potential Landlord (from previous Landlord)

Dear ______________,

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for (Your Name Here) and her (Cat/Dog), (Pet name here). I wish all my residents were as well behaved as (pet name here). When (Your name Here) and (pet name here) vacated their apartment unit, it was in better condition than when they moved into it.

During their five-year residency at XXXX Apartments, (Your Name Here and (pet name here) have been excellent members of our rental community, and I would be very happy to discuss why they should be welcomed in yours.

John Doe
Property Manager
Brookside Apartments

Sample resume for your pet

Resume of Buddy Peterson


Buddy is a well-behaved, friendly cat who enjoys the great indoors. When he’s not busy sleeping in the sun, he enjoys playing with his toys, gazing out the window, and watching baseball on TV with his owner. He is litter-box trained and always uses his scratching post. Buddy has been the beloved animal companion of Ms. Peterson for seven years.

Health and Grooming

Buddy is neutered and flea-free. He enjoys regular grooming and is a longtime patient of veterinarian Dr. Joe Doctor.

About Buddy’s Caregiver

As a responsible cat caregiver, Buddy’s owner regularly cleans and properly disposes of Buddy’s litter. When his caregiver travels, Buddy is cared for by a professional pet-sitter who also brings in the mail, waters the plants, and keeps an eye on their home. Ms. Peterson is willing to pay an extra security deposit for the privilege of having Buddy.


Their current landlord can be reached at 000-555-5555. Attached are letters of reference from former neighbors, Buddy’s pet-sitter, and health records from Buddy’s veterinarian documenting that he is neutered, is current on his vaccinations, and receives regular veterinary care.

Ms. Peterson would be happy for a potential landlord to meet Buddy and thanks you for considering them as prospective residents of your community.