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Fundraising Event Guidelines

Thank you for choosing Oregon Humane Society as a beneficiary of your fundraising activities! To get started, please review the following guidelines and policies, then submit your name and email to unlock our Fundraising Event Toolkit.  

Guidelines & Policies

Oregon Humane Society reserves the right to decline association with any event or organization for any reason, including its belief that such an association may not reflect our mission or values. 

  • Events must be promoted by the organizer. Promotions may not reflect the appearance of Oregon Humane Society endorsing any product, firm, organization, or service.  
  • Please note that OHS staff do not have capacity to assist with, bring animals to, or be present at events planned by community members. 
  • Please clearly state your event intentions for supporting OHS in any promotion to avoid confusion (i.e., “10% of proceeds on DD/MM will be donated to OHS”). A vague disclosure indicating that OHS will receive “proceeds,” “profits,” or “net proceeds” is insufficient.  
  • The official logo and brand kit of OHS, which are included in the Fundraising Event Toolkit, should only be used in conjunction with your fundraising event and may not be altered in any way. Any use of the OHS logo and/or brand must adhere to the established brand standards included in the Fundraising Event Toolkit.  
  • Due to privacy policies, OHS does not provide contact information of donors, adopters, staff, or volunteers for promotion of an event or fundraiser hosted by a community member.  
  • You must notify OHS staff prior to your event if any other organization will be benefiting from your event or promotion.  
  • OHS cannot make any investment, pay for, or reimburse any expenses incurred as a result of your fundraising event.  
  • OHS will make every effort, if allowed by our social media calendar, to re-post social media Stories about your event or promotion. Please tag @oregonhumane to notify us in any promotion that you do on social media. 
  • Revenue from the event is expected within 30 days of the event’s completion. To pay by credit card, please call (503) 802-6793. Please make checks payable to Oregon Humane Society, and be sure to write “Community Event” on the check and/or envelope. Payments may be mailed or hand-delivered during business hours (10 a.m.–7 p.m.) to:

Oregon Humane Society
ATTN: Community Event
1067 NE Columbia Blvd.
Portland, OR 97211 

Fundraising Event Guidelines Agreement

By clicking submit, you are agreeing to adhere to the guidelines outlined above and will be redirected to the Fundraising Event Toolkit.

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