Collar Awards

Each year, OHS honors people and pets who have demonstrated extraordinary compassion, commitment and kindness. Their stories inspire us to create a More Humane Society. Read more about the people and pets in our community who won Diamond Collar Awards.

2023 Diamond Collar Awards Winners

Oregon Donkey Sanctuary Northwest was created by Co-founders Jim and Rhonda for the “forgotten equine”. Donkeys have an incredible capacity to love, teach, and heal. Their love for these gentle giants grew.

They started answering the call for donkeys who needed rescue: owners who could no longer care for them and victims of abuse or neglect. Jim and Rhonda took them in, giving the animals a safe and loving place to call home.

Rocky arrived at OHS Salem Campus as a terrified and shut down dog. He transformed with the help of staff and volunteers who brought him out of his shell.

Rocky was adopted by Heather and Richard; his gentle demeanor made him a great fit for their family. One day, the family took Rocky on his very first beach trip. Despite his fear of the water, Rocky dove into the ocean and rescued a young girl. That day, he became a hero.

Ali Petersen started as a volunteer for Fences for Fido’s Warm Springs Pet Food Bank in November of 2021. Now, she is the Warm Springs Coordinator. The organization had been building fences and providing dog houses for families on the reservation since 2014 and recently launched a monthly pet food bank. 

Ali has helped companion animals in Warm Springs receive wellness and urgent veterinary care, dogs get spayed/neutered, and dogs and puppies have find loving homes.

Rusty helped heal his foster mom’s heart when her beloved dog Coco passed away. She took him in and helped him lose weight. The two became inseparable, so she decided to adopt Rusty. 

Rusty began standing on Emily and relentlessly poking at her lower abdomen.  After a few weeks, Emily wondered if Rusty was trying to tell her something.  Doctors discovered a large tumor on her ovary. Her tumor was caught just in time. Rusty helped save her life.

2023 Diamond Collar Awards Luncheon

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