What Kind of Hero Are You? Take the Quiz and Find Out

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It’s easy to be a hero for the pets at the Oregon Humane Society. Every day, the impact of your generosity is seen all over the shelter.

You make it possible for pets to be transported to OHS from overcrowded shelters so they can have a second chance at a loving home. Because of you, we can investigate animal cruelty and neglect, rehabilitate animals, and hold people accountable. Your support means that thousands of pets are getting the medical care and treatment they need to live healthy and happy lives.

With so many ways to help the animals, what kind of hero are you?

Take this fun quiz and find out.


Are you close to retirement?

A. Already there!

B. The countdown has begun.

C. I’ll let you know in another 30 years.

Will you be attending a birthday party or wedding in the next year?

A. No weddings, just the occasional birthday and holidays.

B. About once a month.

C. Every. Week.

Which of the following describes your social life?

A. I prefer a few outings with some close friends.

B. I love to explore new places and spaces.

C. I’m ready to party anytime.

Tell us about your dream car / truck?

A. Luxury all the way.

B. Ready for off-road.

C. Anything nicer than my current vehicle.

What is your philosophy on pet names?

A. It must be a human name – regal and dignified.

B. Gotta stick with a theme – cheese, celebrities or mythical names.

C. I prefer quirky – the sillier the better.


Answer key

If you answered mostly A’s, you are the Cat’s Meow.

Whether you are a cat, dog or small animal fan, a charitable gift annuity could be the right fit for you. This type of gift provides fixed income for life in exchange for a gift of cash or securities to the Oregon Humane Society.

Heroes in this category who are also over age 70 may find that an RMD, required minimum distribution, directly from an IRA to OHS can provide a tax benefit while helping to save the lives of thousands of pets each year.

A donation of stock can also provide a lifeline to pets in need while potentially saving on capital gains tax.


If you answered mostly B’s, you are a Howlin’ Hero.

Howlin’ Heroes have jam packed schedules and find it’s easy to help pets in need through a workplace giving program. In some cases, employers could even match donations, doubling your impact for pets.

Sponsoring a pet or a tribute gift is a great way for Howlin’ Heroes to show the people in their lives that they share their love for animals in need.


If you answered mostly C’s, you are Woof-tastic.

Heroes who are Woof-tastic love the ability to help pets every month by becoming an OHS PAWS monthly donor. A monthly gift makes it easy for Woof-tastic heroes to manage their budget and make a difference for pets all year long.

Doing taxes is a drag, but Woof-tastic heroes get a boost from selecting OHS in the charitable check-off section of their tax form.

Woof-tastic heroes may also be ready for a new vehicle, so Autos for Animals is a great option to unload their old car or truck.

Since Woof-tastic heroes love a good party, they can also help pets in need by attending one of the OHS-hosted events throughout the year.

Your gift saves lives. Please give today and help a pet in need.
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