Rescued Dogs Available for Adoption this Week

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Approximately 20 of the dogs rescued in January from a breeder in Jackson County will be offered for adoption this Wednesday, March 4, at the Oregon Humane Society.

Rescued Jackson County Dog - shih tzu
Virginia, a rescued shih tzu, to be available on Wednesday.

Popular Small Breeds

The dogs available for adoption include popular small breeds such as pugs, schnauzers and shih tzus. The dogs arrived at OHS on Jan. 29, but most required major dental care (including surgery) before they could be offered for adoption this week.

Each dog available for adoption from this rescue has had its dental work as needed, has been spayed or neutered, and has received initial vaccinations and an ID microchip.

Details Available Tuesday Evening

A list of the available rescued dogs, with photos and adoption fees, will be posted on the Rescued Pets page of the OHS website beginning Tuesday evening, March 3, at approximately 7 pm.

Included in this rescue were 12 exotic birds, several of which are currently available for adoption and are also featured on the Rescued Pets page.

January Rescue in Jackson County

These dogs are part of a larger group of 51 pets rescued in Jackson County on Jan. 29 as the result of a joint operation between Jackson County Animal Services and OHS. The owner had previously been cited for operating a kennel without a license and was the subject of repeated visits by authorities, who advised the owner that unsanitary conditions and a lack of bedding for the dogs were violations of state law. Read the full story here.

Rescued Jackson County dog - pug
Isabella, a rescued pug, to be available on Wed.

How to Adopt

The dogs available for adoption Wednesday will be shown on a first-come, first-served basis. Advanced holds are not possible. OHS cannot take phone inquiries about the pets, but will have staff available to answer questions in person beginning Wednesday morning when the shelter opens at 10 am.

The OHS shelter is located at 1067 NE Columbia Blvd., Portland, OR 97211. Find directions and more location details here.

To date, of the 51 dogs rescued in Jackson County and subsequently relinquished by their owner to OHS, 20 have been adopted out by Jackson County and OHS. About a dozen of the rescued pets are not yet available for adoption because they require medical care or are too young to be placed in homes.

No Tax Dollars Used for Rescue

OHS Humane Officers are certified police officers commissioned by the Governor to investigate animal crimes throughout Oregon. OHS receives no tax dollars from state or local governments to support OHS Officers, rescue operations, or the lifesaving work of the OHS medical team.

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