OHS Telethon on Oct. 5

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OHS President Sharon Harmon, left, with KATU’s Brian Wood and Deb Knapp.

The biggest audience watching the OHS telethon on Oct. 5 may just be … your pets!  Cats and dogs and bunnies will be guarding TV remotes on Oct. 5, with one goal in mind: don’t let humans change the channel!

The OHS Telethon is your chance to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves: pets who don’t have homes, pets who need medical care, pets who are victims of neglect, and pets who may just need … love.

During the Telethon you’ll meet adorable pets ready for adoption, as well as OHS staffers who rescue, care and rehabilitate animals.  You’ll see OHS Humane Special Agents in action, learn about recent disaster deployments to help pets affected by hurricanes, and meet OHS veterinarians who keep shelter pets healthy and happy.

Don’t delay: kick start the Telethon with your donation today.

Donate Now: Click Here

Broadcast Schedule: Thursday Oct. 5 on KATU Ch. 2

9 am – 10 pm:  KATU’s AM Northwest Show is taken over by animals, coming to you live from the OHS shelter. Woof!

3 pm – 4 pm:  Feisty felines and courageous canines take over KATU’s Afternoon Live program. Meow!

4 pm – 7 pm:  Our furry friends make constant cameos on KATU news programs. Can you see tails wagging? Can you hear cat’s purring?


Your gift saves lives. Please give today and help a pet in need.
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