A Paw-some Partnership for Felines

In honor of National Adopt a Cat Month, Naturally Fresh cat litter is partnering with OHS on a special promotion. For the month of June, Naturally Fresh will match all adoption fees of cats and kittens up to $5,000, plus they will be providing a free 14lb bag of litter to all adopters of OHS kitties.

“This partnership is a win-win,” said OHS Corporate Relations Officer Sarah Yusavitz. “By matching adoption fees, Naturally Fresh is ensuring that OHS can continue to provide the best care to our current shelter pets while enabling us to save more animals in need. By sending adopters home with a complimentary bag of litter, Naturally Fresh is relieving some of the stress of bringing home a new family member so that the adopter can focus on bonding with their pet – ultimately setting everyone up for success.”

June is typically a very busy month at OHS for feline adoptions, with an average of 20 kittens finding their new homes on a daily basis. If you are interested in adding a furry, purr-y feline to your home, you can read more about our new kitten adoption process here, and view our available adult cats here.

Community members who already have kitties as part of their family can visit OHS to purchase Naturally Fresh from our onsite store, Best Friend’s Corner.

Your gift saves lives. Please give today and help a pet in need.