A Fresh Start for Fiona

An abrupt accident interrupted the happy life of a four-month-old puppy. That day changed Fiona’s life forever, but you helped to heal her and give her a new beginning. If you give today, you can save even more pets like her.

For a pet owner, a medical emergency is a nightmare. Seeing your beloved pet in pain is hard enough, and the cost of care can force pet owners to make hard decisions for the good of their pets. Fiona was surrendered to the Oregon Humane Society so she could get the help she needed. Pets like Fiona with urgent medical needs can come to OHS at any time, and they’re counting on you to save their lives.

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Fiona had made the small leap off the couch hundreds of times. But one morning, it went wrong. As Fiona hit the ground, her legs buckled under her and she squealed. Her owner ran to her side to check for injuries. It was clear she needed immediate medical care, so Fiona’s owner rushed her to an emergency veterinarian.

The news was bad. Fiona had broken her leg, and she needed surgery. But the cost of surgery was expensive, and Fiona’s owner knew she couldn’t afford it. She was given an opportunity: she could surrender Fiona to OHS to receive the medical care she needed. It meant giving up her beloved dog, but it was the only way to help Fiona.

Donors give pets a place to heal when they have nowhere to go.

Once she was surrendered to OHS, Fiona was able to get the extensive treatment she needed. OHS veterinarians tried everything they could to save her leg, but the damage was too severe. Her leg had to be amputated so she could be pain-free. The surgery was a success, and Fiona went into foster care so she could heal and re-learn how to walk.

Throughout her ordeal, Fiona maintained her upbeat spirit. She was always eager to see everyone and loved to play. Her foster family was amazed at how much energy Fiona had throughout her recovery. Finally, she was ready for adoption. Fiona went home with an OHS staff member and lives a happy, active life.

Because of donors, pets like Fiona can get the expert care they need to heal.

Love can be shown in many ways. Fiona’s surrender to OHS is the ultimate proof of how much her former owners loved her. The cost of veterinary care in a medical emergency can be unaffordable for many people. In order for their pets to heal, their owners must give them up.

Today, Fiona is thriving with a new family, but people have to make these difficult decisions about their beloved pets every day. Please help pets like Fiona by giving today.


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