Ziggy’s Story: Prevent and Prosecute Animal Cruelty

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Ziggy the dog New Road Ahead

When Ziggy arrived at OHS, he was clinging to life. He was emaciated, lethargic and unable to stand. The only movement he was able to make was a soft blink with his eyes.

Ziggy’s owner brought him to OHS seeking emergency help, but something didn’t seem right. The OHS Humane Law Enforcement team was alerted, and the medical team was quickly assembled to treat the fragile border collie. At 21 pounds, Ziggy was less than half the normal weight for a dog his size. After a thorough veterinary forensic exam, it was determined that he had been chronically starved.

“Ziggy’s condition was truly horrifying and heartbreaking,” says Dr. Emily Ferrell, OHS veterinarian. “We could see he still had a glimmer of life in him, and we were determined to do everything we could to help him survive and thrive.”

Recovery would be a slow process. He spent two months in the medical center at OHS so he could be closely monitored. This was an extraordinary amount of time for a pet to be hospitalized, but Ziggy’s condition was still considered critical. “The first time he walked on his own, everyone on the medical team celebrated,” added Dr. Ferrell.

Today, he is smart, intense and loves to herd his toys and family. He was adopted by a member of the OHS medical team who bonded closely with him during his treatment.

On Jan. 31, 2020, Ziggy’s former owner was convicted of animal neglect in the first degree.

The New Road Ahead’s groundbreaking Animal Crimes Forensic Center will feature state of the art technology and expert staffing to conduct meticulous investigations and collect irrefutable evidence necessary to ensure justice for abused and neglected animals, like Ziggy.


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