A Special Bond – The Story of Lulu

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How a special canine comforted her adopter during his final years.

We love getting updates from our adopters. This recent letter was especially touching.

Dear OHS,

Today is the one-year anniversary of our father’s death (3/1/17). He lived to be almost 89 years old. We have Lulu to thank for dad’s will to live the last 9 years of his life! I write today in his loving memory.

Lulu – whose full name is Alucia – joined dad as an adoptee from OHS in October of 2008 at five years of age.

She was an absolute gem from the very moment we/he adopted her. Due to her sweet and quiet nature she was able to live with him in his home, then a retirement center, and finally in a care facility where the dog size limit was 10 pounds or less. Lulu was close to 85 pounds. Everyone loved her and went way above and beyond to be sure she was able to stay with dad until the day he died. She was by his side when he passed last year. They spent almost every minute of every day together for nearly nine years. She couldn’t have been any more devoted to him and he loved her more than just about anything in life.

You published the only other update I wrote for Lulu in the spring of 2009 when they were just developing their relationship. That relationship totally flourished. As my dad lost his ability to do the things he loved in life the more he depended on Lulu for his happiness. She was eager to help… always. She truly gave him the desire to live when nobody else could. Bless her heart, she outlived him!

After dad died, Lulu, at age 14, moved to Hawaii to live with me. We were worried about this big change and the travel involved. She never skipped a beat. She LOVES Hawaii! She has two housemate dogs that adore her and she absolutely lights up during her walks at the beach and the golf course. She looks like she is smiling. Despite having surgery on both knees, she still has short bursts of running that make us smile and laugh. Her activity level hasn’t been this high in years.

We cannot put to words the enormous gratitude we have for OHS and the gift they gave our family.

Rest in peace, dad, knowing your beloved Lulu is living out her final years in paradise until she can find you again,


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