Puppy Stolen from Car Recovered

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Hercules at OHS
Hercules, the stolen puppy, was recovered at OHS.

Portland, OR – A puppy who was brazenly stolen Feb. 8 from a parked car in Northeast Portland has been recovered by OHS and will be reunited with his owner today at OHS.

The puppy, Hercules, was abandoned without warning at OHS on Feb. 9. An individual brought the puppy to the OHS reception area and hurriedly left the building after refusing to give his name.

The individual who left Hercules at OHS can be seen in the security video clip below, which was taken at OHS. His identity is not known. The public is urged to contact the Portland Police non-emergency line, (503) 823-3333, with information about the case.

OHS employees linked the puppy abandoned at the shelter with with earlier news reports of a stolen puppy. OHS contacted the owner of the stolen puppy and a positive ID was made.

Security Video



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