Understanding Smidge: A Special Dog’s Journey at OHS

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Every pet who comes to the Oregon Humane Society is unique. Each is met with kindness, compassion, and a commitment to providing the highest level of care. With a state-of-the-art medical center, behavior experts and training, animals can heal and transform.

Pets like Smidge get the care they need and find their forever home because of animal lovers like you. Please give today.

Smidge gets a Second Chance

One of OHS’s 85 Second Chance partners called about a dog named Smidge. She was struggling to overcome her crippling anxiety and physical issues. Smidge needed medical and behavioral help, and a safe place that would give her as much time as she needed to diagnose and treat her condition.

Because of animal lovers like you, the Oregon Humane Society’s Second Chance program can say YES to dogs like Smidge.

A thorough medical exam

Upon Smidge’s arrival, the team in the Holman Medical Center at OHS performed a thorough check-up. OHS veterinarians prescribed medication to help calm Smidge’s nerves, but working with the training and behavior team was the critical next step.

Dogs like Smidge, with medical and behavior challenges, get the care they need because animal lovers like you believe in them.

The behavior team gets to work

The intensity of Smidge’s anxiety became clear when she was left alone in her kennel. She was so distraught she would scream nonstop. OHS trainers developed a plan to help Smidge relax which included use of a quiet room called the “real-life room” where she could feel safe.

OHS trainers have the expertise to help dogs like Smidge because of animal lovers like you.

A breakthrough in foster care

OHS trainers determined that Smidge needed a foster home. Tyler, an OHS staff member, brought Smidge home and introduced her to his dog Pork Chop, a sweet, playful pitbull who had helped other anxious dogs. Smidge slowly transformed into a playful and happy dog and found the perfect forever home.

Animal lovers like you fund the OHS foster program that helps more than 2,000 animals each year.

Pets like Smidge only get the help they need because of your generosity. Save the lives of more pets like Smidge by donating today.

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