New Year’s Resolutions for Pets and People

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Kick-off 2019 with pet-friendly New Year’s resolutions.

It’s a new year and a great opportunity to set resolutions and goals for 2019. By including pets in your plans, you can strengthen your bond and add a fresh dose of joy to life.

Consider these achievable goals for 2019:

Recognize and reward your pets for the things they do right.

Often, we focus on what our pets do wrong. Look to catch your dog doing something right and reward their behavior.

For example, pulling on leash or jumping up. Give your pets a happy “yes” and a tasty treat when they do the right things like walk on a loose leash, have 4 paws on the floor when greeting guests, or go lay in their bed on their own.

Review OHS’s training library here.

Figure out what your pets enjoy.

Our pets all have different personalities and may like different things. Does your cat like to climb or prefer low hiding spaces? Cat-ify your space using these ideas from Jackson Galaxy. Does your dog enjoy social outings or would they really rather spend a quite night at home? Consider a puzzle toy for dogs who like to stay busy.

Learn about animal body language.

We can sometimes miss signs that our pets are stressed, frightened or playing. OHS has trainings and workshops to help you learn more about pet behavior. Sign up here.

Reduce screen time and practice being present.

Our pets live in the moment and we can learn a lot from that. Allocate time each day to focus on your pet by going for a walk, exploring new trails in our area or playing with a toy.

Schedule a wellness check with your pet’s veterinarian.

Ensure your furry friend is ready to start 2019 on the right paw.

Honor your pet by helping other pets in need.

Volunteer, foster, make a donation or include OHS in your estate plan.

Your gift saves lives. Please give today and help a pet in need.
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