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Love at OHS today, recovering well.

In May, OHS took in six dogs (and five puppies, born at OHS) who were part of a large group of dogs rescued from terrible conditions in Stevens County, Washington. Read the full story here »

Just one month later, one of those dogs, named Love, has made a remarkable recovery from serious injuries. Today, she found a new life with a family who loves her already. The approximately one-year-old Labrador mix is the first of these Washington dogs to be adopted from OHS.

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Love arrived at OHS with severe lacerations around her neck and the left side of her chest. Some of her wounds may have been caused by attacks from another animal, and some possibly from being chained up outdoors for an extended amount of time. She received needed treatment from the veterinarians in the OHS Holman Medical Center, which included surgery to repair the deep wounds.

Note: images below may be considered graphic – viewer discretion recommended.

Love has recovered well in the weeks after her surgery, and has already begun learning what it’s like to be indoors and cared for by the staff and volunteers at OHS. Even when she was in pain from her wounds, Love showed that she could trust people and take treats. Once she was healed enough physically, Love was made available for adoption and observations about her needs and behavior were added to her online adoption profile here.

Love with adopter Marcy Jordan

After becoming available for adoption on June 1, it took just a few days before Love’s adoption took place. Kelley Carlson and Marcy Jordan of Vancouver, Washington saw her photo on the OHS website and fell for her. “I think it was the look in her eyes. She wanted to be loved so bad,” said Jordan.

They came to meet Love at OHS and found that another interested party was already meeting with her. That family decided it was not the right match, so Love got to meet Carlson and Jordan. They did not know about Love’s history as a part of the Stevens County rescue. Her background of injuries and neglect did not deter their desire to adopt her. If anything, it made them feel even more strongly about wanting to make her part of the family. “We wanted to love a dog who had survived abuse,” said Jordan.

Love now gets to enjoy settling into her new home at her own pace, with people who are dedicated to giving her the love and care she deserves.

Photos: Love Today

More Information

More of Love’s story to come, and updates on the other Stevens County rescues as well.

OHS is glad to be able to help with this case, which was led by Rescue4All and Spokane’s Humane Evacuation Rescue Team, with the assistance of deputies from the Stevens County Sheriff’s office. The rescue groups reached out to shelters around the region to help the dogs, as Stevens County lacks the resources to care for so many animals at once. OHS is one of those shelters providing assistance. Full story »



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