You Have a Gift for Saving Animals

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We’ve shared your outrage at the discovery of animal cruelty and neglect, your satisfaction at the successful prosecution of those crimes, and your relief when those animals regain their health and confidence. Your donations inspire justice.

We’ve watched your generosity retrieve animals from smaller shelters — relieving them from overcrowding — and bring those pets to OHS where they receive veterinary care, training, and a new life. Your donations prevent heartbreak.

We’ve witnessed your devotion in a staff member’s eyes when they congratulate a shelter pet’s new forever family — revealing both sadness at saying goodbye and joy at seeing them start their new life together. Your donations nurture love.

Donate now and your compassionate support will continue to shine through these life-changing victories, lighting the way to a more humane society.

You have a gift for saving animal lives. We’ve seen it. Please give today.



Your gift saves lives. Please give today and help a pet in need.
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