Gratitude From a Former Student

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Second Chance Program Gives Former Veterinary Student a Second Chance to Say Thank You.

Each week, dozens of pets are transferred to OHS from other shelters for a second chance at a loving home. Those arriving from out of state come with a health certificate from the transferring agency. Last month, a group of 20 kittens arrived at OHS with certificates signed by a former veterinary student, Dr. Scott Lee, who completed two clinical rotations at the Animal Medical Learning Center.

The experience promoted Dr. Lee to send a note to gratitude to Dr. Kirk Miller and OHS. Below is an excerpt from his letter.

Dear Dr. Miller,

I am not sure if you remember me, but I was your student about six years ago. I was doing my clinical rotation as a requirement of PAVE and I was under your supervision twice as I signed up for your program twice. I remember that the shelter rotation was the most popular rotation at that time among students. I am sure it’s the same until today.

I have been in practice for almost six years now in California and it’s been almost seven months since I started my own practice. Ever since I started to practice in California, my heart grew bigger by serving the public and helping people in needs. I decided to join ASPCA as a partner clinic and started doing a lot of work with them. 

Today, I have examined 20 kittens and signed their health certificate so they could fly to Oregon to be under your care. As soon as I heard that the kittens were going to Oregon, I thought I would send you an email to thank you for your compassion in teaching so people like me can have the chance to serve our patients, clients and the public.

Thank you very much for your time.

Scott S. Lee, DVM, MS  

The note was a great reminder to Dr. Miller and the entire medical team at OHS of the ripple effects of their work. “The letter shows the impact that this program is having on the lives of many animals through the students we teach,” says Dr. Miller. “It’s addressed to me but it really takes a village.”


Your gift saves lives. Please give today and help a pet in need.
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