Oregon Humane Society

There are many ways your company can help the animals at OHS. To participate in these and other programs, contact:
Marsha Chrest; (503) 416-7079.



Display an OHS Donation Canister



Encourage your employer to display an Oregon Humane Society donation canister! Money collected can be delivered or
mailed to OHS.




Recycle Books

House a book collection bin from Books4Giving

A 5x5 outdoor bin raises $200 with each fill; a 64 gallon bin raises $25 with each fill.







Promote Vehicle Donations


Display a 13 x 48 vinyl banner advertising the OHS vehicle donation program. Proceeds from the sales of donated autos help the animals at OHS.



Other Ways to Help

  • Jeans day fundraiser
  • Office BBQ fundraiser
  • Garage sale
  • School/Office bake sale
  • Collect used cell phones