Oregon Humane Society
  Nine Lives


The Nine Lives is an exclusive club. Membership is restricted to the nine cats who have been residing at OHS the longest.  They would love to go to a new forever home or be sponsored by an admirer. Some of our Nine Lives members have been here for months and are eager to find a forever home to call their own. Please consider adopting or sponsoring one of these fabulous felines.



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Amy Pond - 162183
Domestic Medium Hair
Female  6 Yr
7.1875 lbs.

Date Available: 7/26/2014
I am one of the cats from the most recent investigation case. I, along with my feline ...

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Beta - 160455
Domestic Short Hair
Female  2 Yr
9.9375 lbs.

Date Available: 6/3/2014
Watch her video! We are pleased to introduce the lovely little Beta. She is a wonderful cat ...

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Captain Kittles - 141983
Domestic Short Hair
Male  6 Yr
13.25 lbs.

Date Available: 3/25/2014
All aboard the USS Cuddlebug, Captain Kittles will be your guide! He's got all the ...

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Hallie - 156660
Domestic Short Hair
Female  4 Yr
9.875 lbs.

Date Available: 7/10/2014
Watch her video! Hallie is a beautiful and easygoing feline who is looking for her forever ...

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Lou - 158559
Domestic Short Hair
Male  12 Yr
11.0625 lbs.

Date Available: 7/17/2014
This distinguished older gentleman is Lou. Lou is a diabetic whose blood sugar is regulated ...

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Lyric - 160479
Domestic Short Hair/Unknown
Female  5 Yr
7.75 lbs.

Date Available: 6/11/2014
Watch her video! Introducing Lyric! Although she might be a little nervous at first she ...

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Ponyo - 160901
Domestic Long Hair
Male  7 Yr
12.125 lbs.

Date Available: 7/17/2014
Watch his video! SPECIAL NEEDS. Ponyo is a very handsome young man who can't wait to meet ...