On-site Training Opportunities at OHS

Training for Community Pets

The Oregon Humane Society’s training and behavior department offers training classes, private consultations, and workshops for our community.  We want to help keep pets happy in their homes by educating people about humane and responsible treatment and training of their companion pets. We offer both in person and virtual training services.

For classes at OHS, registration fees are per dog. Please choose one adult in your household to attend your in-person group class, romp or one-on-one session with your dog. Contact us if you need to make an exception. To learn more about our updated safety requirements, check out our FAQs.

In-person training services take place in the Animal Medical Learning Center at the Oregon Humane Society in NE Portland. Directions »

Group Training Classes

Puppy Manners Class at OHS
$180 for six weeks of training. Puppies attending should be 9 to 15 weeks old at the start of class. See more info on this class here: Learn more and sign up!

If your dog will be 16 weeks or older when class begins, please sign up for Level 1 of our Levels Classes for basic training help.  Learn more and sign up!

Puppy Romps at OHS Learn more and sign up!
$20 per session. We have two romp classes:
Puppy Romp 1 is for puppies 9 – 12 weeks 
Puppy Romp 2 is for puppies 13 – 20 weeks
During our Puppy Romps you can introduce your puppy to other healthy puppies and allow them to interact and socialize! Helping your puppy learn the appropriate way to play with other Pups can help prevent behavioral problems as they mature.  In between play sessions, our certified dog trainers give you some basic tips and apply simple training games so you will have the best relationship possible with your puppy!
Be sure to read all the requirements and information here: Learn more and sign up!

Shy Puppy Training and Socialization Session Learn more and sign up!
$20 per session. For puppies 9-20 weeks
If you had a hard time socializing your puppy due to COVID or if you have a pup who is just shy in general, then come to a Shy Puppy Training and Socialization Session.
We will teach you what to do when your puppy is timid, help you read your pups signals and help your puppy get accustomed to other shy puppies in a calmer, controlled setting with expert guidance.
Note: These session are only for Shy puppies,  between the age of 9-20 weeks – $20 per session. Please do not register if your puppy is playful, outgoing and wants to Romp. Instead register for Romp 1 or 2 (depending on your puppy’s age) or a puppy manners class (for puppies 9-15 weeks at start of class). Thanks!

*NEW* Start Over Rover at OHS
$120 for four weeks of training. For dogs 4 months and up. Sign up now!
Have you recently adopted a dog and feel unsure of where to start when it comes to training? There can be so much conflicting advice from family, well-meaning neighbors and the internet! Let the certified professional trainers at OHS help set you on the right path to have the best life possible with your new furry friend. If you have adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue in the past 90 days, join us and other new rescue dog owners for Start Over Rover. We will touch on basic training cues but also games and exercises to help your dog adjust socially. We will teach you how to help your dog relax and enjoy being handled. Plus, you and your dog may make some new friends with shared goals!

Levels (Complete Manners) Training at OHS Learn more and sign up!
Levels is our version of Basic Manners and Intermediate Manners. You and your dog (4 months and older) can learn at your own pace as our classes allow you to make your own schedule from several classes that are offered each week. Prior to your first class with your dog, you will need to attend our Intro to Levels Training class. You can find out about the Intro class and find out more information about the Levels classes here – Learn more and sign up!
If your dog barks and lunges at other dogs on walks, start with Reactive Rover class or check out our virtual options.

Adolescent Manners at OHSSign up now!
$180 for six weeks of training. For dogs 5 months – 1 year of age.

This class will help you through the challenge of dog adolescence. Using positive reinforcement, we will review basic cues plus learn new ways to deal with adolescent behaviors such as demanding attention and leash walking. The focus will be on teaching your teenage puppy to make appropriate choices, apply self-control around distractions, and grow to be a polite and well-socialized adult dog!

Clever Canine – Training Through Games Sign up now!
$120 for 4 weeks of training. For dogs 5 months and up. Looking for something fun and educational to do with your dog this summer? Then join us for “Clever Canine” where you will learn how to use games and tricks to train basic manners and provide your dog with exercise as well as much needed mental enrichment. We will teach you low impact activities good for adolescents and seniors alike that combine training with enjoyment and highlight all the opportunities for you to apply the techniques in the real world. A basic knowledge of marker training is helpful but not required! This lively class is for dogs 5 months and older, and we welcome more than one handler per dog so that the whole family can join in on the fun!
Week 1 – Pattern Games
Week 2 – Agility
Week 3 – Useful Tricks
Week 4 – Rally

*NEW* Little Learners – Training for smaller dogs Sign up now!
$150 for 5 weeks of training. For dogs 4 months and up. This class is for smaller dogs, 25 lbs. and under and not taller than 15” at the back of the neck. In this class, we will focus on how little dogs learn as we teach multiple skills in an environment that keeps your small dog comfortable. Your dog will work on learning how to walk on a loose leash, auto settle and much more and you can build your bond by having fun together.

Reactive Rover at OHS Sign up now!
$225 for six weeks of training. For dogs eight months and older. Does your dog lunge and bark when you’re out on a walk and she sees another dog? Start with Reactive Rover before trying a Manners class. You’ll learn positive training techniques and management tools that will help make walk-time more enjoyable. We’ll also lead you through guided practice sessions around other dogs to help teach and encourage calm, appropriate behavior. By the end of the course, you should have the confidence you need to continue training with your dog at home and out in the world.

Reactive Rover Refined at OHS Sign up now!
$60 for a single session. For dogs who have graduated from Reactive Rover at OHS. 
Reactive Rover Refined builds on the fundamentals learned during our six week, in person Reactive Rover course so you can continue to practice with your dog in a safe, controlled environment. One of our Reactive Rover instructors will guide you through a 45 minute training session, providing feedback, reviewing protocols, and troubleshooting issues.

Reactive Rover and Reactive Rover Refined do not address off-leash aggression issues. If your dog is reactive towards people, worried about new environments, or if you’d just like to focus more on loose-leash walking and impulse control, take our virtual Reactive Rover class instead.

Gift Cards AvailableClick here to purchase a gift card
Gift cards are available for you to purchase for friends and loved ones. The gift cards are sent digitally so they can be used right away, and you get to choose the amount you would like to purchase. This makes a wonderful gift for anyone who recently brought a new pet into their home, someone who wants to bond with their pet or someone who just wants to do something fun with their pet. Please note that these gift cards can only be used for OHS training classes, they cannot be used for an adoption of an animal or for products in our Best Friend’s Corner store.

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Class Requirements

Please choose one adult in your household to attend your group class, romp or one-on-one session with your dog. We ask that you only come to OHS if all members of your household are healthy. You will need to stay home if you or anyone in your household has been sick in the last two weeks. All staff, volunteers and clients are required to wear a mask or another face covering. During your visit to OHS, please practice physical distancing and leave at least 6 feet of space between you and other people you may encounter, both indoors or out. Restrooms are available upon request and we ask that you respect occupancy limits. You will not have access to a water fountain. For more information about in-person training services, including our new COVID-19 safety requirements, check out our FAQs. »

All dogs over six months must be spayed or neutered to attend group training classes. We offer private training consultations and virtual options for people who have unaltered dogs. All dogs should also be healthy and current on vaccinations, including a distemper/parvo combination vaccine and rabies vaccine (once over six months). Dogs should be wearing a flat collar, harness or head halter and be on a four to six foot leash. We do not allow prong collars, electronic collars, chain collars, chain leashes or extending leashes in class. For additional information about our policies check out our FAQs. »

Our Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy focuses on building a strong, healthy bond between a dog and his person through positive reinforcement. We do not like to use fear or intimidation-based tactics. OHS trainers believe that reward-based techniques and education on canine behavior is the best way to promote a trusting and respectful relationship between individuals and their dogs.

Our instructors are experienced Certified Professional Dog Trainers or working towards certification.

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