Teamwork Saves 18 Cats and Kittens Facing Homelessness

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OHS helps take in 16 cats and kittens from local family facing eviction

“Out by midnight” was the message on the eviction notice. This news sent a Beaverton family scrambling to find a shelter or rescue that would take their 11 adult cats and 7 kittens. It’s hard to imagine the stress this family must have been under, having to find homes for their pets and a new place to live.

They reached out to local rescue Pixie Project who sprang into action and got the ball rolling. Pixie Project connected with Washington County Animal Services who then reached out to other members in the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP) for help. The Oregon Humane Society is a member of this important alliance so the alert was immediately received and work began to make space for this urgent request. OHS was able to take 16 of the cats including two nursing moms with kittens who would be placed in OHS foster homes. The three organizations collaborated to act fast to help this local family and their pets. Pixie Project offered to pick up and transport the cats and kittens and coordinate the necessary paperwork.

The cats and kittens arrived at OHS where they were examined, vaccinated, photographed and given a quiet place to rest. They will be available for adoption early the week of Sept. 17 after being spay/neutered.

It’s worth noting that this family was not aware that there is help for those with limited resources to have their pets spayed and neutered. If you know someone whose pet needs spay/neuter services, please call Spay & Save at 1-800-345-SPAY. The Oregon Humane Society is one of five sites that perform surgery for the Spay & Save program. Last year 8,883 pets were spayed and neutered through the program, 4,176 at OHS.

Your gift saves lives. Please give today and help a pet in need.
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