A Second Chance for Gremlin

When a tiny feline named Gremlin arrived at the Oregon Humane Society from a partner shelter in Oregon, she barely looked like a kitten. Her name suited her since she really looked like a little gremlin. She had lost most of her hair, and her skin was inflamed and irritated. A common skin fungus called ringworm had completely ravaged her tiny body. She was so small and fragile that she was immediately sent to an experienced OHS foster home to gain weight and stabilize before she could begin treatment.

While ringworm is treatable and not life-threatening, caring for kittens with this skin condition requires a lot of time and resources. Sadly, kittens like Gremlin often face an uncertain fate at other shelters due to the intense amount of treatment needed.

Thanks to donors, the OHS Second Chance program makes it possible to take more challenging cases like Gremlin’s. Pets can be transferred from other shelters to OHS to get care from experienced animal care and medical staff in a specialized space. OHS also has amazing foster parents who are set-up just for kittens with ringworm. The Second Chance program and these specialized services are only made possible by you.

Please donate today to bring a second chance to another pet like Gremlin.

Gremlin might have been covered from head to toe with infection, but that didn’t stop her sweet light from shining through! She thrived in foster care and got strong enough for her ringworm treatment. And when she bravely started lime dip baths, her sweet spirit never changed. Gremlin became a staff favorite; everyone was amazed by her resilience!

As the infection cleared up, Gremlin’s soft fur began to grow back, transforming her into the fluffy, regal duchess she is today. She is now fully recovered and thriving in the loving home of her foster parent who ended up adopting her.

Gremlin’s life may not have been saved if it weren’t for generous donors like you. OHS relies on your support to partner with shelters across the state and around the region through the Second Chance program. Your donations help ensure that pets like Gremlin get the very best medical care.

This kitten season, you can give more second chances. Please help pets like Gremlin by giving today.