2020 OHS Photo Contest Winners

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After a month of fierce competition between 225 adorable entries, the votes are finally in! Sweet pictures flooded in, and resulted in $24,119 in funds raised to help shelter pets.

Pets went head-to-head in the Best Dog, Best Cat, Best Other Pet, and even Best Self-Quarantining Pet categories as supporters and fans could cast as many $1 votes for their favorite pets as they wished.

The winning entries received a $100 Gift Certificate from Frame Central, a special gift basket with OHS goodies, and items donated by local businesses. An Editor’s Choice winner was also chosen, and will be featured on the cover of an OHS Magazine.

The grand prize winner received a PNW package featuring gifts donated by local West Coast companies, including a Furbo Pet Cam, $50 Migration Brewing Gift Certificate & prizes, and Coffee from our local affiliate, Fetch! Coffee Roasters.

This year’s special category for the Best Self-Quarantining Pet offered prizes which included an Avocado Green Mattress, HelloTushy Bidet, and activities from Portland’s own DIY Bar.

View all of the 2020 pet entries.

Meet the 2020 OHS Photo Contest winners

Top Dog

Pippa, by Anne Connell

4623 votes

Pippa’s story:

A 2019 OHS alumna, PIPPA (a harp seal/koala mix) was dubbed “the Marilyn Monroe of dogs” by best-selling novelist Ann Patchett. The space between her ears forms an almost perfect square, and she really likes water.

2020 Photo ContestTop Dog Runner-Up

Dogmatix, by Carey Fiock

4552 votes

Dogmatix’s story:

Dogmatix is an intelligent, friendly and sometimes stubborn 8 year old wheaten colored Scottish Terrier. He can be seen enjoying all kinds of outdoor adventures alongside his human in the Destination America original TV series ‘On Location’. He resides in Portland with his human parents and feline sibling Styrrkat.

2020 Photo Contest

Top Cat

Machi, by Nadine Nakagawa

2610 votes

Machi’s story:

At 15 years of age, I’ve earned my white stripes. My favorite places to chill is a warm lap, a heat register or on a patio chair in the sun. I share my home with two youngsters, Sacajawea Peak and Vera who came from OHS in August 2017



2020 Photo Contest

Top Cat Runner-Up

Mr. Bubs, by Emily Wexler

2285 votes

Mr. Bubs’ story:

Mr. Bubs was adopted from OHS in October 2018. He came to OHS through the Second Chance Program. He quickly became his owner’s best friend. His all-time favorite toys are a mouse on a stick and a laser pointer.



2020 Photo Contest

Top Other Pet

Beyoncé, by Melissa Whitcomb

2035 votes

Beyoncé’s story:

My name is Beyonc’e. My two sisters and I were hatched on Valentine’s Day 2018 and raised by my family since we were two-day-old chicks. I am a beautiful Araucana hen and I lay blue eggs. My favorite foods are dried meal worms, apples, and bananas.

2020 Photo Contest


Top Other Pet Runner-Up

Remy, by Alison Beanblossom

720 votes

Remy’s story:

Remy Beanblossom the Fifty-Fourth is from a long line of honorable kings and queens who have ruled over us for generations. This is her favorite hat, which she received last week from the royal hat-maker, Schonya. She insisted on a photoshoot, and this is the spectacular result. Enjoy.


2020 Photo Contest


Top Self-Quarantining Pet

Gracie, by Caity McCarthy

1055 votes

Gracie’s story:

Gracie loves her new work-from-home set up! Although sometimes distracted by squirrels outside, she is a very productive nap taker and top performing eater of treats. When it comes to getting the job done, Gracie says there’s no room for kitten around!

Gracie’s “work from home” title:

Our Pawsome Employee

2020 Photo Contest


Top Self-Quarantining Pet Runner-Up

Mobitz, by Emily Meister

930 votes

Mobitz’s story:

Mobitz (Mo) was adopted from OHS in 2019. With Mo being FIV positive he has become a professional in social distancing and has been able to show his humans how to best utilize the extra time at home: birdwatching, naps, puzzles, and taking it easy.

Mobitz’s “work from home” title:


2020 Photo Contest


Editor’s Choice Award

Atticus, by G. Espenel

100 votes

Atticus’ story:

I’m Attie! My people chose me from OHS’s Second Chance Program 10 years ago and we’re all so grateful to have found each other. Mom still remembers me hugging the shelter volunteer on our way out to the car on adoption day. Thanks again, OHS!



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