3 Things You Should Do With Your Pet in 2021

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Advice from OHS trainers: The top 3 things you should do with your pet in 2021.

If you adopted a pet in 2020, you are not alone. Interest in adoption soared as people spent more time at home this past year. And, as we endured the stress and anxiety of life during a pandemic, many of us turned to our pets for comfort. While 2020 was unprecedented for many terrible reasons, we also had a unique opportunity to bond with our pets.

As we begin 2021, it’s a great time to find new ways to strengthen your relationship with your cat or dog by teaching them a new trick or giving them a new treat.

OHS trainers offer these top three things you should do with your pet in 2021.

Make 2021 woof-tastic for your dog:
  • Add interest to your dog’s meals and stop feeding him from a bowl. Use a snuffle mat or something like a Planet Dog Orbee Tuff to feed him so he gets to have some fun as he roots around for his food.
  • If you’ve been with your dog 24/7 because 2020 has meant you never leave your home, start practicing calm departures and time away from each other, even if this only means a walk around the block. Leave him with a stuffed Kong to work on while you’re out on your walk.
  • Teach your dog a new trick each month in 2021 and in 12 months your dog will know 12 impressive tricks. You can teach your dog to close a door, say his prayers, fetch your slippers, roll over and the list goes on and on. You can take a virtual class or book a session with an OHS trainer to help you develop a plan.
The purr-fect plan for your cat in 2021:
  • Cats love having lots of resources, such as toys, safe and cozy resting spots and tall cat trees. It might be time to switch out some old toys for a couple of exciting new ones. Wand toys provide opportunities for you and your cat to interact with each other. Two cat favorites are the Cat Dancer (only about $3) and Da Bird. Your cat will thank you!
  • Not all cats respond to catnip, but silver vine (a species of kiwifruit) elicits reactions from a higher percentage of cats than catnip. Your cat might enjoy giving silver vine a try in 2021.
  • Is your house loaded with empty boxes now that the holidays are over? These are perfect for building your cats a fun castle or farmhouse by piecing the boxes together, with duct tape! Add windows, tunnels and maybe even a turret they can poke their heads out. You’d do anything for your cats in 2021, right?


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