The Purr-fect Ring Bearer

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Oliver Nacho charms guests at his adopter’s wedding

It’s not every day that you see a cat playing the role of a ring bearer in a wedding. But Oliver Nacho is no ordinary cat. He came to OHS in 2018 and had trouble finding the right match.

Many prospective adopters were deterred by his special medical and behavioral needs, but not Tracy. She and her boyfriend, Garry, watched Oliver Nacho on the OHS website for several months and finally decided to come in and meet him.

When Tracy and Oliver Nacho finally met, there was an instant connection. “He sat on my lap and licked my elbow. I cried and had to have him.” They have been best pals since the day Oliver Nacho was adopted.

When Tracy and Garry were planning their wedding this year, they knew their beloved cat had to be part of the ceremony. They decided that Oliver Nacho would be the ring bearer, so they designed a special basket for him to be carried in down the aisle by the flower girls. Of course, he was also dressed in a kitty tuxedo for the big event. Wedding guests were also treated to a fun moment as the band played “Hail to the Chief” as Oliver Nacho was carried down the aisle.


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