Maggie’s Medical Makeover

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Maggie's Medical Makeover

An older cat transforms thanks to OHS veterinarians

It might be easy to overlook Maggie on a walk through OHS – an older, brown tabby cat who blends into the background and is quickly overshadowed by the whirlwind of kittens.

But this demure, mature feline with the tipped ear is ready to hit the catwalk thanks to her recent makeover. It might be hard to see her transformation, but under that soft, tiger-striped coat is a revamped interior thanks to the medical team from the Holman Medical Center at OHS.

Maggie’s life on the streets had taken a toll. In early February, she was found by a Good Samaritan who took her to a local vet for some basic care. When it was clear that the finder’s resident cat was not a fan of sharing his space, Maggie came to OHS.

It didn’t take long for the OHS admissions team to realize that Maggie was in need of some long-overdue care. Her teeth were a mess, she was thin and her coat was dull. She also seemed to have some discomfort in her eye.

A closer look at Maggie and it was clear that she needed a full medical makeover.

First stop, the kitty dentist chair to have her diseased teeth extracted and gums cleaned up. Next, a closer look at her irritated eye. Maggie had a painful corneal ulcer and was quickly given ointment to heal the wound.

Her thin frame and other symptoms suggested an overactive thyroid, or hyperthyroidism. After several attempts to regulate her overactive gland with medication, the OHS veterinarians decided to remove her thyroid. Her body quickly adjusted after surgery and no further medical was needed.

Maggie was adopted from OHS on August 12.

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