A Home for Hollie

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UPDATE: Hollie was adopted by an OHS staff member who has extensive experience with pets from challenging circumstances. Hollie is enjoying her new home with lots of comfy beds and toys.


Every dog who needs a home has a story.

Hollie’s story is both extraordinarily painful and hopeful.

When you first meet Hollie, it’s hard to imagine how different she once looked.

She was rescued in Southern Oregon, severely emaciated and missing most of her hair. An unusual injury on the side of her face added to the mystery of Hollie’s past.

Hollie was transferred to the Oregon Humane Society and an investigation was opened. Meanwhile, the OHS medical team went to work with a careful refeeding plan to help her gain weight.

Hollie was so weak she was unable to walk. She was skin and bones so the medical team dressed her in a sweater to keep her warm. As Hollie lay in a kennel in the OHS Medical Center, it seemed she was close to giving up. She was defeated and exhausted – each day was a struggle. Slowly, her inner light began to shine. She wagged her tail when the medical team would greet her each day and she began to trust that she was safe and loved. Day by day, she got stronger and her hair began to grow back.

Hollie was eventually healthy enough to be discharged from the hospital and continue her rehabilitation in an experienced OHS foster home. She spent six weeks learning to be a dog – playing with toys, going for walks, and romping around with other dogs. Perhaps for the first time in her life, she was happy.

The investigation to find out who was responsible for Hollie’s neglect turned up dozens of dead ends. The evidence in Hollie’s case has all been gathered and the work to hold her owners accountable is ongoing.

Now, three months after arriving at OHS, Hollie is ready for her next chapter – a loving, forever home.

UPDATE: Hollie was adopted after her story was shared far and wide. However, she didn’t go very far. She was adopted by an OHS staff member on April 17.

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