A Commitment to Our Beloved Pets

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This holiday season, there are some special pets who are settling into their new home thanks to the Friends Forever program.

These pets were enrolled in Oregon Humane Society’s Friends ForeverTM program after their owners included OHS in their estate plans. Planning for the care of pets if they outlive us can be an emotional process. The Friends Forever program provides peace of mind knowing that your beloved family member will be cared for by OHS and placed in a new, loving home.

During the past two years, despite the challenges of the pandemic, OHS was able to help more than 20 Friends Forever pets receive the care they need and begin their next chapter in a new home.

Meet some of the special pets who have been cared for through the Friend Forever program.


When Babe’s owner was in his final days, his caregivers knew that OHS was chosen to care for his beloved cat when he passed away. When the time came, they were ready. A member of OHS’ Planned Giving Department picked up Babe and brought her back to the shelter where she was welcomed with open arms.

Babe needed some medical care and a haircut, but she settled in and was showered with love. She was a little shy so OHS staff was patient – giving her the time she needed to adjust to the big change in her life.

Babe’s owner had written a note to give to her adopter, which highlighted the special bond they shared. It read, “Trust me, trust yourself, trust Babe. She will love you for it. And so will I.”

It took less than two weeks for Babe to find a new home. She now lives with another cat and according to her adopter the pair are “healthy, happy, and having fun.”

Telly and Grover

Barbara and Michael signed up for Friends Forever in 2017. As they grew older, they wanted to make sure someone would care for their beloved cats if they not able to.

When Barbara passed away and Michael fell ill, OHS immediately stepped in to help. Their cats Telly and Grover were very bonded, had some medical needs and were looking for a special home.

Mike and Merry are long-time OHS supporters and have adopted more than a dozen cats over the years. They have a soft spot for seniors and prefer to adopt cats who are 10 years or older.

Telly and Grover’s story captured their heart, and they made an appointment to come adopt them. It was the purrfect Friends Forever happy tale!

Mr. Kitty

One of the most unique things about Mr. Kitty is that he was enrolled in the Friends Forever program twice!

Mr. Kitty was first enrolled in Friends Forever by his first owner, Barbara. In 2019, when Barbara fell ill, her friend Sean offered to take in Mr Kitty. Sean learned that Barbara had enrolled her cats in the Friends Forever program and was eager to learn more about it. He decided it would be a great option and offer peace of mind that Mr. Kitty would always have a place to go.

Sadly, Sean passed away unexpectedly a year later but Mr. Kitty and Sean’s other cats had a safe place thanks to the Friends Forever program. They were quickly transported to OHS.

Less than three weeks after he arrived, Mr. Kitty found a new home along with one of feline friends.

Learn more about enrolling your pets in the Friends ForeverTM program.

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