Show Your Pet Some Love on Valentine’s Day

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Tips to help strengthen your relationship with your pet.

Pets give us unconditional love. They greet us with a wagging tail when we get home, keep our lap warm on a cold night and make our lives complete.

Your relationship with your pet is.….a relationship. Take some time to nurture your bond with your pet this Valentine’s Day with these tips from Tanya Roberts and Deborah Fitzgerrel from the OHS Training and Behavior Department.

  1. Schedule a vet appointment. This may not sounds like much of a treat for your pet, but being consistent with well-checks and vaccines is a great way to show your pet some love by helping him/her stay healthy.
  2. Take your dog for a “sniff walk.” Most of the time, we take our dogs on walks for exercise. But dogs powerful sense of smell can make a “sniff walk” a lot of fun. Let your dog guide you as he/she discovers the scents around your neighborhood. A “sniff walk” is also great mental exercise for your dog. Consider taking your dog to a new area for a whole new set of scent discoveries.
  3. Set up a new lookout spot. Is there a window in your home that your cat would enjoy watching birds, squirrels and other activity? Set up a window perch or a cat tree and give your feline friend a new place to watch “cat TV.”
  4. Play with your cat. Even though it may seem like cats sleep all day, they still need opportunities to exercise and engage in their natural behavior. Lures and tail teasers are great toys that give cats the chance to catch “prey.”
  5. Learn massage or try TTouch – Want to bond more closely with your pet, calm your fearful dog, or comfort your older cat? Check out an OHS workshop to learn more about the benefits of TTouch and help your pet become more confident and comfortable.
  6. Get to know your pet. How often do we really ask what our pet loves to do? Does your cat like a quiet evening, watching a movie with you? Does your dog love to hike? Have your bunnies had a chance to try some new veggies? Often, we bring our pets along to do the things that we want to do. Take some time to unplug and unwind with your pet, focusing on what they need to be happy and balanced.
Your gift saves lives. Please give today and help a pet in need.
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