Big Rescue, Small Pets in Search of Homes

A few days ago, OHS rescued 210 animals from overcrowded conditions, including chinchillas, lovebirds, Guinea pigs, parakeets and other small animals. To find adopters quickly, Black Friday goes to the birds at OHS: small animal adoption fees will be reduced by 50 percent.

Lovebirds, Gerbils and More Rescued from Oregon City Property: Adopters Needed

Rescued Guinea Pig
This rescued Guinea pig has some dance moves.

The rescued pets were living in overcrowded conditions inside a double-wide trailer and a small metal shed. The pets were voluntarily relinquished to OHS by the owner, an Oregon City resident who is under investigation for possible animal neglect.

OHS is seeking to place the animals in homes as soon as possible. Beginning this Friday, Nov. 27, many of the rescued animals will be offered for adoption at reduced prices.

Black Friday Special at OHS

“Black Friday is going to the birds,” said OHS Executive Director Sharon Harmon, who announced that adoption fees for all birds and rodents will be reduced by 50% from Friday, Nov. 27 through Sunday, Nov. 29. Guinea pigs, for example, will be discounted from $15 to $7.50 and lovebirds and parakeets, which are usually $19 each, will be two for $15. In addition, all adopters will receive a discount coupon from Pets on Broadway that offers significant savings on supplies for small pets.

Animals available for adoption on Friday at OHS will include: 21 lovebirds, 19 parakeets, three chinchillas, 20 mice, 26 hamsters and seven gerbils. Not all 210 of the animals rescued will be available this week, as many of the female pets rescued are pregnant and are currently being fostered by OHS volunteers. A complete list of all animals available for adoption can be seen on our Rescued Pets page beginning Wednesday afternoon and continuing on Thursday morning.

The OHS shelter will be closed to the public on Thursday, Nov. 26 for Thanksgiving, but will reopen for regular hours on Friday, Nov. 27. Hours and directions here »

Other pets from the rescue, including fantail pigeons, doves, quail, and tortoise, have already been placed in homes or with rescue groups and are not available for adoption.

Rescues Supported By You

Donate Now: Click HereOHS Humane Special Agents are commissioned by the Oregon State Police and have full police power to enforce animal cruelty laws throughout the state. They receive no tax dollars and are supported through donations to OHS. Donate online today.

Meet Some of the Rescued Pets: Photos


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  1. Well done OHS!
    Welcome to your new lives, adorable little creatures. You’re in good hands <3

  2. I have a guinea pig and not sure if ohs will take him my husband is allergic to his fir. He is a wonderful guy he is very talkative and loves to be held and cuddled. He is 6mnths just dont have anyone to take him and dont want to release him to anyone. Can someone let me know if they will take him please?

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