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Volunteer Pat Anderson Thanks OHS Donors

As a volunteer at the Oregon Humane Society, I’ve witnessed firsthand how generosity and compassion work magic on homeless pets. I’m excited to share an inside look at how your giving advances animal welfare, and encourage you to continue that support by donating today.

Back in Illinois I volunteered at a bird shelter, fostering around thirty different parrots including Gracie, my African grey parrot. So when OHS took in 245 rescued birds in 2016, many in poor health, and I decided to help.

After the birds had all recovered and found homes, my volunteer hours at OHS really went to the dogs! While it’s fun to play, snuggle, and walk with canine goofballs and love bugs, I developed  a special connection to the Behavior Modification (BMod) dogs — pups who need extra attention and training before they start meeting adopters.

One of those special dogs is Isabelle, who arrived at OHS via a donor-funded Second Chance transport on the day after last Christmas. Less than a year old with little training, she hadn’t yet learned how to play nice with dogs or people. While she’s a beautiful dog with a lot of love to give, she jumps up on people and tends to be mouthy.

That’s why donors and volunteers are such an important part of the BMod program. Volunteers make sure every shelter pet receives individual and loving attention, giving BMod dogs the training and socialization they need to find homes. Donors like you fund the facilities, equipment, and staff needed to provide first-rate medical care, shelter, and adoption services.

Working together, donors and volunteers have saved the lives of so many animals whose behaviors prevent them from connecting with potential adopters. Now we have the opportunity to save even more pets like Izzy.

During her months in BMod, volunteers and staff have worked with Isabelle regularly to help her learn to appropriately manage overstimulation. As we wore each other out with agility exercise, practiced walking on a leash, and learned how to politely greet people and pets, Izzy’s sweet, loving personality became more obvious.

Other shelters, facing the pressure of overpopulation combined with a smaller pool of adopters, most likely would have given up on her. At OHS, donor support gives Isabelle the time, resources, and opportunity to become a gentle, loving companion. Your generous compassion provides that life-saving support!

I’m grateful to the donors who have made animal welfare a priority, and who continue to support the mission to nurture and find homes for every pet in need. Between me, you, and OHS, I think together we can end animal suffering and build a kinder, more compassionate future.

Please give today and be there with us for every beautiful moment.

With gratitude,

Pat Anderson

P.S. This winter, your generosity will bring pets in from the cold, shield them from abuse, heal their bodies, and find them families. With your help, animals who have never experienced these gifts can finally know the comfort and security of home. Please donate today and start at-risk pets on the path to love and contentment. We can’t do it without donors like you.

Watch a video of Isabelle and Pat:



Your gift saves lives. Please give today and help a pet in need.
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