Type Dog
Breed American Pit Bull
Sex Male
Color Brindle
Age Unknown
Location Dog Red Pod
Kennel 41
Code # 74358

Oliver is a big love who will steal your heart away. Despite blindnessand a long time on the street, Oliver adjusted well to life in a fosterhome. When Oliver arrived at OHS his eyes were severely damaged due to glaucoma, so our staff veterinarians surgically removed both of his eyes. Glaucoma is an extremely painful condition in which fluid accumulates inside the eye and causes pressure and blindness. As is normal for blind dogs, Oliver is a little timid in new places, but quickly becomes comfortable once he has had a chance to size up his surroundings. Oliver loves to chew and will need a regular supply of activities to keep him busy. He enjoys walks of all distances; his foster mom reports that, once you’ve established a rapport with him so that he feels comfortable with your abilities as his ‘seeing-eye-human,’ he walks quickly and with confidence. “Ollie” enjoys riding in the passenger seat of the car and falling asleep with his head in your lap, ‘purring’ contentedly when his soft chest is rubbed. He is house-trained, but needs to go to a home with no cats, small dogs or other small animals. Because of his blindness, Oliver startles easily and can sometimes be on the offensive with other dogs. Due to this, a pet meet is required if you have a resident dog to ensure compatiability. Oliver likes all people and is not protective. He is very trusting and gentle with his big mouth, though he can get pretty excited when you play. Because of his lack of vision, Ollie may be more work than your average dog; but if you are ready for a new perspective, he could be just the ticket for you.