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All of the dogs and puppies available for adoption at OHS are listed below (the list is updated continuously). To learn about our adoption procedures and the benefits of adopting from OHS, visit the How to Adopt section. Please note that we cannot answer questions about specific animals via email.


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Chino - 167103
Male  5 Yr
74 lbs.

Date Available: 11/21/2014
Hello, Chino is my name, and I'm looking forward to finding a lifelong home with someone ...

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Choko - 161573
Male  3 Yr
8.0625 lbs.

Date Available: 11/18/2014
This handsome, strapping gentleman is Choco. He is a sweet lap dog who is looking for a new ...

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Daniel Card - 153852
Male  3 Yr, 11 Mo
61.5 lbs.

Date Available: 8/12/2014
I have a video! I'm Daniel Card, the greatest boy around. I'm so cute, and so darn playful ...

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Daphne - 165487
Treeing Walker Coonhound/Mix
Female  2 Yr, 7 Mo
58 lbs.

Date Available: 11/16/2014
If sitting at home is boring and you like to be on the go then I think we could be friends! ...

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Denise Martin - 153857
Female  4 Yr, 1 Mo
65 lbs.

Date Available: 10/2/2014
I'm Denise Martin, and see my sad face? That's because I need you! You're a patient person, ...

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Diamond - 167208
Female  1 Yr
8.5 lbs.

Date Available: 11/20/2014
WESTSIDE ADOPTION CENTER: I'm at LexiDog on 6100 SW Macadam Ave. Portland, OR 97239 ...

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Diane Fletcher - 153855
Female  5 Yr, 1 Mo
67 lbs.

Date Available: 10/1/2014
I don't mean to brag, but don't I have the sweetest face? My name is Diane Fletcher, or you ...

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Doug Winter - 154214
Male  4 Yr, 11 Mo
65 lbs.

Date Available: 10/2/2014
I'm Doug Winter, and that's the season I want to find my new home in! It's been far too ...

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Douglas - 84256
German Wirehaired Pointer
Male  9 Yr
67.0625 lbs.

Date Available: 11/18/2014
Say hello to Doug, a very nice German Shorthair Pointer in search of his forever home. He ...

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Dovah - 167004
American Pit Bull/Mix
Male  3 Yr
68 lbs.

Date Available: 11/14/2014
Dovah is a sensitive fella who hasn't quite gotten used to his new environment. He can be ...

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Edie Elliot - 153868
Female  3 Yr, 11 Mo
60.25 lbs.

Date Available: 8/12/2014
Hi, I'm Edie Elliott, and first things first. Do you have another dog? Maybe one that likes ...

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Eldridge - 166475
Male  2 Yr
8.9375 lbs.

Date Available: 11/19/2014
Looking for a lap dog? Well, guess what? I'm looking for a lap. I'm easy going, sweet, ...

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Elizabeth Brennan - 154215
Female  4 Yr, 11 Mo
65 lbs.

Date Available: 10/1/2014
Did my sweet face and soulful eyes draw you in? I get that a lot. My name is Elizabeth ...

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Emmie Ice - 154217
Female  5 Yr, 11 Mo
64 lbs.

Date Available: 8/23/2014
Watch her video! Do you love to walk, rain or shine, and are in need of a new walking ...

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Estella Hall - 154216
Female  4 Yr, 11 Mo
66 lbs.

Date Available: 8/26/2014
Watch her video! Are you a homebody looking for your canine match? That could be me, ...

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Fischer - 166943
Labrador/Clumber Spaniel
Male  5 Yr
86 lbs.

Date Available: 11/14/2014
Did you stop in your tracks as you saw Fisher? He is a handsome fella isn't he? He is more ...

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Flower - 167231
Female  1 Yr
5.3125 lbs.

Date Available: 11/20/2014
Hi, I'm Flower and I'm hoping you're the best friend for life I've been searching for! Add ...

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Frankie - 166565
Male  2 Yr
7.125 lbs.

Date Available: 11/4/2014
Hi I'm Frankie! I have lots of energy to jump up on your lap, then down again, then up, ...

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Fritz - 166741
Shepherd/Chow Chow
Male  1 Yr
53.8125 lbs.

Date Available: 11/15/2014
Meet Fritz! He is a sweet and loving fella that can't wait to find his new best friend in ...

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Glen - 167230
Male  1 Yr
9.25 lbs.

Date Available: 11/19/2014
Well hello there! Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Glen and it's so very nice to meet you! ...

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