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All of the dogs and puppies available for adoption at OHS are listed below (the list is updated continuously). To learn about our adoption procedures and the benefits of adopting from OHS, visit the How to Adopt section (please note that we cannot answer questions about specific animals via email).


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Derby - 163616
Male  4 Yr
56.125 lbs.

Date Available: 8/19/2014
Did you stop in your tracks as you saw Derby? He is a handsome fella isn't he? He is more ...

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Desiree Pond - 154213
Female  1 Yr, 6 Mo
65 lbs.

Date Available: 8/21/2014
Desiree is a lovely young lady in a compact little body. Some of our available Akitas are ...

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Duckie - 163667
Male  2 Yr
9.5 lbs.

Date Available: 9/6/2014
Duckie is a sensitive fella who hasn't quite gotten used to his new environment. He can be ...

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Edgar - 164865
Male  3 Mo
5.5625 lbs.

Date Available: 9/17/2014
Edgar is an adorable, playful puppy. He will need a home that can provide for him the time ...

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Edie Elliot - 153868
Female  3 Yr
60.25 lbs.

Date Available: 8/12/2014
Edie is a little bit shy, a little bit nervous, but oh so ready to look ahead at the future ...

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El Capitan - 163178
Male  1 Yr
17.375 lbs.

Date Available: 8/6/2014
WESTSIDE ADOPTION CENTER: I'm at LexiDog on 6100 SW Macadam Ave. Portland, OR 97239 ...

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Elkie - 163932
Male  6 Yr
81.1875 lbs.

Date Available: 9/7/2014
Well hello there! Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Elkie and it's so very nice to meet ...

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Elliot Fletcher - 153866
Male  4 Yr
70.1875 lbs.

Date Available: 8/12/2014
Elliot has a sense of humor. Really, it's true - he likes to play and have fun, he'll ...

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Emmie Ice - 154217
Female  5 Yr
64 lbs.

Date Available: 8/23/2014
Emmie started out very quiet and very shy, but she is blossoming into a lovely young girl. ...

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Estella Hall - 154216
Female  4 Yr
66 lbs.

Date Available: 8/26/2014
Family is important to Estella. She created a family for herself with lots of stuffed toys ...

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Fabiana - 161908
Female  3 Yr
6.25 lbs.

Date Available: 9/4/2014
Fabiana people who love and respect me for who I am. Once I'm feeling safe and secure in my ...

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Hatti - 120699
Dachshund/Mini Pinscher
Female  4 Yr, 8 Mo
15.4375 lbs.

Date Available: 9/9/2014
WESTSIDE ADOPTION CENTER: I'm at LexiDog on 6100 SW Macadam Ave. Portland, OR 97239 ...

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Honeydew - 164570
Male  1 Yr
6.25 lbs.

Date Available: 9/11/2014
Meet Honeydew! He is a sweet and loving fella that can't wait to find his new best friend ...

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Jack - 67810
Jack Russell Terrier/Mix
Male  7 Yr, 1 Mo
26.3125 lbs.

Date Available: 9/5/2014
Zippy and lively, that's me! I'm going to need a person who is similar- someone who will ...

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Jasmine - 153351
Female  5 Yr, 10 Mo
32.0625 lbs.

Date Available: 9/11/2014
My name is Jasmine and I'm looking for a nice, quiet home with patient owners that can work ...

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Ken - 164601
Male  1 Yr
11.25 lbs.

Date Available: 9/13/2014
Ken is my name, and I'm looking forward to finding a lifelong home with people who love and ...

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Kevlar - 163988
Labrador/Chow Chow
Male  2 Yr
59 lbs.

Date Available: 9/6/2014
Kevlar is a sweet boy who is looking for a quiet home to call his own. This handsome man ...

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Kitty - 160707
Female  2 Yr
9.8125 lbs.

Date Available: 9/9/2014
Hi, I'm Kitty. Are you looking for a sweet but shy little dog? I may need help learning how ...

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Lark - 164568
Male  10 Mo
13.25 lbs.

Date Available: 9/15/2014
Meet Lark! He is a sweet and loving fella that can't wait to find his new best friend in ...

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Lavender - 164552
Female  8 Mo
8.25 lbs.

Date Available: 9/12/2014
WESTSIDE ADOPTION CENTER: I'm at LexiDog on 6100 SW Macadam Ave. Portland, OR 97239 ...

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