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All of the dogs and puppies available for adoption at OHS are listed below (the list is updated continuously). To learn about our adoption procedures and the benefits of adopting from OHS, visit the How to Adopt section (please note that we cannot answer questions about specific animals via email).


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Abby - 137852
Female  9 Yr, 8 Mo
8.5 lbs.

Date Available: 8/26/2014
I'm quite a cutie, if I do say so myself, but I'm not for the first time dog owner. I'll ...

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Amber Zip - 153824
Female  7 Yr
70.3125 lbs.

Date Available: 8/21/2014
Hello, I am Amber Zip! I am one of the lucky Akita's who came to OHS with over 100 dogs ...

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Angelina - 161916
American Pit Bull/Mix
Female  2 Yr
44.5625 lbs.

Date Available: 7/16/2014
I have a video! If sitting at home is boring and you like to be on the go, then I think we ...

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Ariel Usher - 153820
Female  5 Yr
56 lbs.

Date Available: 8/18/2014
Hello, I am Ariel Usher! I am one of the lucky Akitas who came to OHS with over 100 dogs ...

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Avery - 133019
Male  2 Yr, 4 Mo
15.4375 lbs.

Date Available: 8/16/2014
Avery is an active and sweet boy looking to find his forever home with his brother Stanley ...

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Barkcloth - 164014
Male  9 Mo
8.5 lbs.

Date Available: 8/29/2014
Well hello there! Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Barkcloth and it's so very nice to meet ...

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Belka - 149998
Female  9 Yr, 11 Mo
64.0625 lbs.

Date Available: 7/5/2014
Watch her video! Belka is a sweet older gal searching for her forever home. If you are ...

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Benji - 164076
Lhasa Apso/Mix
Male  8 Yr
17.0625 lbs.

Date Available: 8/29/2014
Meet Benji! He is a sweet and loving fella that can't wait to find his new best friend in ...

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Benson - 164087
Siberian Husky/Shepherd
Male  5 Yr
62 lbs.

Date Available: 8/30/2014
Did you stop in your tracks as you saw Benson? He is a handsome fella isn't he? He is more ...

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Bentley - 158014
Male  8 Yr
59 lbs.

Date Available: 8/8/2014
Check out his video! Meet Bentley, he is a sweet older fella who can't wait to find his new ...

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Bernadette Jones - 153827
Longhaired Dachshund/Mix
Female  6 Yr, 3 Mo
11.9375 lbs.

Date Available: 8/25/2014
Hello! Bernadette Jones here, or Bernie for short. I don't mean to brag, but my foster mom ...

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Billy - 152146
Male  3 Yr
24.1875 lbs.

Date Available: 8/23/2014
Meet Billy! He is a sweet and loving fella that can't wait to find his new best friend in ...

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Bonnie - 163466
Parsons Jack Russell Terrier/Mix
Female  1 Yr
12.125 lbs.

Date Available: 8/16/2014
WESTSIDE ADOPTION CENTER: I'm at LexiDog on 6100 SW Macadam Ave. Portland, OR 97239 ...

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Boomer - 164097
Blue Heeler/Unknown
Male  1 Yr
45 lbs.

Date Available: 8/29/2014
Boomer is a sensitive fella who hasn't quite gotten used to his new environment. He can be ...

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Brocade - 164020
Dachshund/Mini Pinscher
Female  3 Yr
12.1875 lbs.

Date Available: 8/30/2014
WESTSIDE ADOPTION CENTER: I'm at LexiDog on 6100 SW Macadam Ave. Portland, OR 97239 ...

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Carter - 162498
Male  1 Yr, 6 Mo
64.3125 lbs.

Date Available: 8/12/2014
Settling into a new home and lifestyle takes time for a lot of dogs, and Carter will be no ...

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Cedes - 164077
Poodle Miniature/Shih Tzu
Female  2 Yr
10.5 lbs.

Date Available: 8/30/2014
Allow us to introduce you to Cedes. She is a sweet but shy lady who is looking for someone ...

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Chancho - 160653
Norwich Terrier/Mix
Male  1 Yr, 1 Mo
13 lbs.

Date Available: 7/25/2014
Chancho is my name, and I'm looking forward to finding a lifelong home with people who love ...

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Charlie - 161392
Male  5 Mo
8 lbs.

Date Available: 8/16/2014
Charlie is an adorable, playful puppy. He will need a home that can provide for him the ...

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Chenille - 164023
Female  2 Yr
14.625 lbs.

Date Available: 8/30/2014
WESTSIDE ADOPTION CENTER: I'm at LexiDog on 6100 SW Macadam Ave. Portland, OR 97239 ...

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