“I miss seeing you all!” -Vader, education ambassador

OHS Education Department is offering in person and online classroom enrichment

Our vaccinated staff is ready to join in-person and virtually.

A classroom visit with OHS for grades K-8

Let us join you in your classroom to bring an animal friend and present a topic of your choice. These topics and presentations can be adapted for virtual visits. Common topics include:

  • Dogs and People Working Together
  • Careers Working with Pets
  • The Healing Power of Pets
  • Dog Safety I & II
  • Kindness and Compassion

* We are able to bring a canine companion, if one is available. We are sorry that we cannot guarantee this.

Virtual tour of OHS animal areas

This upbeat video takes you on a walk through our kennels, small animal room, cattery and our veterinary surgery window. We chat with students about OHS before the video and they can ask questions afterwards. (Grades 1-5)

Pet Tales

Let us share one of our favorite books with your class. (We have reading and writing assignments that line with common core state standards for each book if you would like to use them). These Pet Tale presentations can be in-person or virtual. We can bring a canine companion with an in-person visit.

  • “Let’s Get A Pup!” said Kate by Bob Graham (Grades K-2) adoption
  • “A Home For Dixie” by Emma Jackson (Grades K-2) adoption
  • “The Invisible Boy” by Trudy Ludwig (Grades 1-3) kindness/compassion
  • “Buddy Unchained” by Daisy Bix (Grades 1-4) compassion for pets
  • “What Does It Mean To Be Kind?” by Rana DiOrio (Grades 2-5) kindness
  • “Two Bobbies” by Kirby Larson & Mary Nethery (Grades 3-5) loyalty and friendship

* We are able to bring a canine companion, if one is available. We are sorry that we cannot guarantee this.

Be Safe Around Dogs

Virtual Presentations, PowerPoints you present with a guide or in-person.

You may choose from the topics below or let us customize a presentation to align with what you need in your classroom!

  • Dog Safety I: This presentation teaches the basics of dog safety to our younger students. It is available in-person, by PowerPoint with a guide or virtual with an education specialist. (Grades K-3)
  • Dog Safety II: This PowerPoint teaches students to recognize basic dog body language and learn how to use that knowledge to figure out what a dog is feeling and how he may act. (Grades 4-8)

Feedback from Teachers

“This was wonderful. Barb was a pleasure to talk to, and a great presenter who was very patient with our sometimes rowdy group. The presentations were informative and fun. Our kids gave us positive feedback as well. Thank you!”

“I appreciated it when the presenter checked in with me to make sure the handouts were leveled correctly for us. I enjoyed watching the presenter answer the children’s questions in such an engaging and interesting way.”

“You guys are wonderful! I have used this service for about five years now! Our year wouldn’t be complete without it.”

“Thank you! We loved having Barb and Maddie visit and I felt that my students learned valuable information about how to be safe around dogs. I think adults would benefit from this, too!”

OHS is here to support your students and classroom. We are here for you!

Since 1921, the state of Oregon has required (ORS 336.067) humane education to be added to the school curriculum so students develop an appreciation for all animal life and are taught humane treatment of animals. Through the generosity of OHS donors, this service is provided free of charge to schools.

To schedule classroom presentations, please fill out and submit our Presentation Request Form below.

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