Virtual Activities for Kids

Brought to you by the OHS Humane Education Department

You may not be able to come to the shelter right now for clubs, tours, or even just to walk through and see the animals, but we haven’t forgotten you! We have an ever-growing collection of fun and educational presentations, games, and videos to help keep you connected to us, and the amazing animals we have here.

You can pick and choose what you would like to watch or play, and return as often as you’d like.

Keep checking back often as we will keep adding to this page.

What is this Dog Thinking?

Come along and see if you can correctly decide what a dog might be thinking based on his body language.

Foster Puppy Palooza

Meet our pack of foster puppies! Check back for new video updates and watch these cute puppies grow.

Herding Dogs

Come check out some of the best (and least) known herding breeds, those amazing dogs who instinctively know how to get other animals-especially cattle, sheep and goats-to move where they want them. When you are finished, come back here to play Herding Dog Whack-a-Mole or Herding Dog Sort.

OHS Humane Law Enforcement

Humane Law Enforcement? What’s that all about? Come along as Officer Chris shares about his job helping pets in trouble.

Watch a Spay Surgery

OHS Veterinarians talk you through the process of a spay surgery. Warning: images may be graphic for some viewers.

Feline Fur: Colors and Patterns

Join us as we check out a variety of cat breeds and fur markings, then test your memory by playing the “Cat Match Fever Game!” See if you can get a “purr-fect” score!