Cute Puppy looking up with puppy dog eyes

Back to School: Helping Your
Dog Adjust

You’ve prepared the kids for back to school, but how about the dog? Your dog may experience some home alone issues as the family becomes more focused on school-related activities that pull you and your kids away from home. Here are some tips to help your dog adjust to your fall schedule.


A tired dog is a good dog! Spend time exercising your dog before you leave for the day. Go for a walk, play fetch in your yard, do some fun training exercises.

Doggie Daycare

Check out doggie daycares in your area or consider hiring a dog walker. It may be worth the expense for a day of supervised play and exercise.

Puzzle Toys

Keep your dog busy while you’re away. Stuff a Kong with treats, hide kibble around his play area, or set up puzzle toys to provide your dog with mental stimulation and entertainment. Visit Best Friends’ Corner at OHS to purchase fun, interactive toys.

Crate Training

Try crate training your dog. Call (503) 416-2983 for more information about getting your dog used to a crate.

Secure Indoors

When the kids leave for school, keep your dog securely inside your home so they aren’t tempted to follow your child down the street.

Supervised Playdates

When new friends come over to play, make sure everyone stay safe! Your dog may be overwhelmed by all the excitement, so be sure to supervise interactions.

For more information and advice, check out our Resource Library or call the OHS Pet Behavior Helpline (503) 416-2983.