Brought to you by the OHS Humane Education Department

This summer, unfortunately, you can’t come to camp at OHS….BUT, camp can come to YOU! This summer we will be offering Virtual Summer Activities for Kids through August. This is a fun and interactive way for youth to participate in their favorite camp activities. We even have former camp staff helping us out!

The Virtual Summer Activities for Kids is a collection of online presentations, trainings, and arts & crafts that were planned for camp this year.

The activities are free, and you can pick and choose what you’d like to participate in. If you’d like to take part in the arts & craft projects, you can collect the necessary supplies on your own or order from our virtual summer activities web page.

Click on the upcoming virtual opportunities to sign-up and get additional information:

Bone Appetite

Bake healthy peanut butter dog biscuits with Olivia, Morgan, Meredith, and Lauren. View the activity.

Feline Fur: Colors and Patterns

See if you can match up the coat color or pattern of a cat with the correct name. View the activity.

All About Rabbits

Coming Soon

Meet an OHS rabbit guru who will be sharing with us everything we need to know about our rabbit friends.

Animal Massage

Coming Soon

Rachel Gene will share about animal massage, including tips on massaging your own pet.

Understanding Dog Body Language

Coming Soon

Learn how dogs use body language to express their emotions and intentions.

Understanding Cat Body Language

Coming Soon

Learn how cats use body language to express emotions and intentions. 

Dog Training Basics

Coming Soon

Learn along with one of our OHS dog trainers.