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Dear Miss Repecka is the Oregon Humane Society’s advice column for kids. Children can write to this very knowledgeable chicken with questions about their pets. Miss Repecka is a chicken on a mission to place shelter animals in good homes, so she will naturally showcase her friends at OHS when she responds to your letters.

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La querida señorita Repecka de la Sociedad Humana de Oregón es la columnista de consejos para niños. Los niños pueden escribirle a esta gallina muy bien informada,con preguntas sobre sus mascotas. Repecka es una gallina con la misión de colocar animales de refugios en buenos hogares, naturalmente ella mostrara a sus amigos de OHS cuando responda sus cartas.


Dear Miss Repecka:

I am working on teaching my dog Toby agility and he is really good at jumping. He is a black lab and I want to know how high I can safely let him jump?




Benji - Miss Repecka
Hey! I’m Benji. Click my photo to view my profile.

Dear Miss Molly-

Ah think it is wonderful that you and Toby are doing agility, and your question is a good one. While it will be fun for both of you and bring you even closer together, Toby’s safety is really important. Since chickens don’t do much jumping, I went to the kennels at OHS to talk to someone who would be much better at it-Benji the dog. Here is what I found out: First, every dog is different in what their body can safely do, so there is no exact answer to this question. We can, however, use the guidelines set by organizations that run agility trials. In agility, the height of the jump is based on the dog’s height. I don’t know exactly how tall Toby is, but basing it on the average height of a lab (22-24 inches), his jump bars for the standard bar jump would be set at 20 inches. Ah would start his jumps below that and let 20 inches be your goal. Labs are not built for jumping high, so ah would not push Toby. Remember, the goal is to have fun. And do make sure you are having him jump on grass so he doesn’t hurt his joints.

Ah am now on a mission to find a good home for Benji!

Yours for a kinder world for everyone,

Miss Repecka

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