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Dear Miss Repecka is the Oregon Humane Society’s advice column for kids. Children can write to this very knowledgeable chicken with questions about their pets. Miss Repecka is a chicken on a mission to place shelter animals in good homes, so she will naturally showcase her friends at OHS when she responds to your letters.

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Pide consejos a la señorita Repeckta para las mascotas

La querida señorita Repecka de la Sociedad Humana de Oregón es la columnista de consejos para niños. Los niños pueden escribirle a esta gallina muy bien informada,con preguntas sobre sus mascotas. Repecka es una gallina con la misión de colocar animales de refugios en buenos hogares, naturalmente ella mostrara a sus amigos de OHS cuando responda sus cartas.


Dear Miss Repecka,

I wonder how to get my cat to like my new kitten, Mo?

Thank you,



Blathers - Miss Repecka
Hey, I’m Blathers and I have an adoption appointment!

Dear Miss Hazel,

That’s a good question. Why can’t your two cats get along? I went to the OHS cattery to talk to mah friend, Blathers, an adorable black and white kitten who is 11 weeks old.

Blathers said that sometimes two pets meet and they get along right away. They play together and take naps together, and it’s great. Sometimes, though, one of the pets needs more time before they decide to be friends. If your cat likes to play, try playing with it and the kitten at the same time. Give them both a treat together, and put their food bowls close-but not too close!

Blathers suggested that you have an extra litter box at your house so they don’t have to share one. Don’t force them to be together, but praise them when they are. Don’t worry if your cat hisses or swats at Mo. Your cat is just telling him they are the boss! Hopefully, it won’t take too long for them to become friends.

Ah am happy to share that Blathers is meeting his potential adopter today! OHS has lots of kitties looking for homes.

Yours for a kinder world,

Miss Repecka

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