Puppies & Kittens Visit Your Workplace

Santa's sleigh may take a back seat this holiday season to the popular OHS Snuggle Express.

A fleet of Snuggle Express vehicles, provided by Lithia Subaru of Oregon City, will bring a cargo of cuddly kittens and precious puppies to visit select businesses and classrooms in the Portland metro area this December.

Each Snuggle Express visit aims to share the joy of companion animals, brighten the day of employees, relieve holiday stress, and help socialize OHS shelter pets. Visits include an experienced OHS representative and a mix of puppies and kittens that can be cuddled by employees at participating businesses.

Visits will take place on Dec. 10 – 12, 2019.

Apply and Donate

Applications for 2019 Snuggle Express will be accepted through November 20, 2019. All applicants will be notified of their visit day and time by November 30, 2019.


  • 15 minute visit: $300 donation
  • 30 minute visit: $600 donation
  • One hour guaranteed visit: $1,000 donation

All proceeds benefit the pets at OHS.

Important information regarding the application process: Businesses will be selected based on location, and must have a suitable indoor area for puppies, kittens and visitors. The day and time of a visit will be based on location. Businesses that select a 60-minute visit can designate which day is preferred. Applicants of 15 or 30 minutes are not guaranteed a visit, and will be scheduled based on availability. Business locations must be within the Portland metro area.

Donate a Visit

If your business can’t participate in Snuggle Express, consider donating a visit to a local K-12 classroom, another local business or nonprofit organization. To coordinate this option, please contact the OHS Events Team at [email protected] prior to filling out an application online.

Snuggle Express Sponsors

Sponsor opportunities can be viewed here. Customize your package by contacting Sarah Yusavitz, (503) 416-7084 or [email protected].

2019 Sponsors


Snuggle Sponsors

Western Partitions Inc.

Biamp Systems


Hug Sponsors

Inclusion Inc.


The Mahaffy Group


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How many kittens and puppies will be brought to my business? The number of kittens and puppies will depend on the quantity we have in the shelter at the time of the event. We expect to bring 2-4 puppies and 2-4 kittens to each location.

Can I adopt a kitten or puppy? Yes! All kittens and puppies will be available for adoption at the OHS shelter in the days after the event. Holds and adoptions will not be permitted during the event due to time constraints. The OHS representative at your visit will give you an estimate of the date, but we encourage you to also watch our adoption webpages closely.

Will the pets be okay with so much traveling? All pets will be cared for by a trained OHS representative to ensure the puppies and kittens are safe, stress levels are low, and they have enough food, water, bathroom breaks and rest time. They will all be handled with love and care.

How will businesses be selected for a visit? After reviewing all requests, we will select businesses that are in close geographic proximity to other applicants within the greater Portland metro area. This will allow us to visit the greatest number of locations in the least amount of time. This also means that some businesses that request a visit may not be selected. If a business is not selected, a full refund will be issued. For a $1,000 donation, a one-hour visit is guaranteed.