The OHS Telethon returns to KATU on Oct. 5, 2017.

October 5, 2017:  You won’t believe who’s watching!

The 18th Annual OHS Telethon: Live on Thursday, Oct. 5, KATU, Ch. 2

Will you be watching too?

The biggest audience watching the OHS telethon may just be … your pets!  Cats and dogs and bunnies will be guarding TV remotes on Oct. 5, with one goal in mind: don’t let humans change the channel!

It’s the annual OHS Telethon, which means it’s time to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves: pets who don’t have homes, pets who need medical care, pets who are victims of neglect, and pets who may just need … love.

Don’t delay: kick start the Telethon with your donation today.

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Broadcast Schedule: Thursday Oct. 5 on KATU Ch. 2

9 am – 10 pm:  KATU’s AM Northwest Show is taken over by animals, coming to you live from the OHS shelter. Woof!

3 pm – 4 pm:  Feisty felines and courageous canines take over KATU’s Afternoon Live program. Meow!

4 pm – 7 pm:  Our furry friends make constant cameos on KATU news programs. Can you see tails wagging? Can you hear cat’s purring?


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