Oregon Humane Society's Kitten Shower

It's a downpour of adorable but vulnerable kittens. Help us prepare by donating lifesaving supplies today!

With an expected 1,800+ kittens needing foster care this year alone, OHS and our dedicated foster families have their hands full and we need your help. Each kitten that comes to the Oregon Humane Society will be spayed or neutered, receive all their vaccinations, microchip and all the love and attention they need. Each kitten that goes into a foster home will receive all the same services but may also require additional life-saving supplies like:

These supplies help our team of foster volunteers care for the most vulnerable animals that come through our shelter and we need your help!

How You Can Help

You can donate from the comfort of your home! Items can be sent directly to OHS via our Amazon or Chewy wish lists. We’ve curated lists of our most urgently needed items to make it easier for you. If you can’t decide what you’d like to donate, consider purchasing a digital gift card instead.  You can also pick up items at a near-by pet store and bring them directly to the Oregon Humane Society.  We are located near a ton of great pet stores like Mud Bay Concordia, PetSmart Cascade Station, and Petco Jantzen Beach, all of which carry supplies that our foster kittens and their caretaker families need.


Additional Resources

What do you do if you find kittens outside? 

During the warm spring and summer months, you may stumble upon a litter of kittens living outside. Before you intervene, we recommend giving their mother time to return to them. Most likely, she is nearby and will be back soon. Sometimes, well-intentioned people might accidentally orphan a litter of kittens when trying to help. However, if the kittens are in an unsafe place (like a busy, city sidewalk), you can move them a short distance to a safer location where their mama can still find them. If the kittens are injured, ill, or in distress, please contact your local veterinarian, shelter, or rescue to find out how to help. For more information on what to do with found kittens, please follow this link: https://www.oregonhumane.org/litter_of_kittens/

Looking for spay and neuter services?

As much as we adore kittens, cat and kitten overpopulation is an ongoing issue in the Portland Metro region. Spaying and neutering pets is an crucial tool in combating pet and shelter overpopulation. If you need this service, we recommend reaching out to your local, community veterinarian. If you are a low-income family and the cost of spaying or neutering your cat is prohibitive, you may qualify for assistance. For more information, please visit our Spay & Save website. Please note that there is a waitlist for these services, but we look forward to helping your family as soon as possible.

Would you like to become a kitten foster parent?

Did you know that OHS is anticipating about 1,500 foster kittens this season? To help all these new arrivals, we rely on our dedicated team of foster care volunteers. These animal-lovers temporarily open their hearts and their homes to cats, kittens, and other shelter pets in need. These extraordinary volunteers set OHS kittens up for success by caring for them until they are ready to be adopted into forever homes. This greatly increases our shelter’s capacity, so we can save more lives together!

We have a particular need for foster volunteers that live in the city of Portland, OR and have experience with neonates, bottle babies, and/ or pets that require medical or behavioral support. For more information on this program and to submit an application, please follow this link: https://www.oregonhumane.org/get-involved/volunteer/foster-care/


On behalf of our all of our cats, kittens, foster families, and everyone at The Oregon Humane Society, we thank you for helping us during what we know will be the best kitten season ever!


Questions? Email us at [email protected] or [email protected]