Other Ways to Give

Give Via Will or Estate Plan »

Start building your legacy with shelter pets in mind.

Donor Advised Funds »

Help pets and receive tax benefits by donating through your donor advised fund.

Match Your Gift »

A matching gift could double or triple the impact of your generosity! Find out if your employer has a matching program.

IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution »

The IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution, (QCD), sometimes referred to as a rollover, is a terrific way to make a tax-free gift to OHS using your qualified retirement plan.

Gifting Stocks »

Learn more about donating stocks, bonds or securities to help OHS.

Sponsor a Pet »

By sponsoring a pet at OHS, you’ll help bring more attention to that pet and provide supplies for all OHS pets.

Mail a Check »

Ready to donate by mail? Our mailing address is:

Oregon Humane Society
1067 NE Columbia Blvd.
Portland, OR 97211-1411

Donate Oregon Tax Refund »

Charitable Checkoff is an easy way to donate your tax refund to OHS on your Oregon tax forms.

Host a Fundraiser »

Collect funds for OHS through your own personalized fundraiser online.

Attend an Event »

We host fun events throughout the year for our pet-loving community.

Help by Shopping »

See special offers from local companies that donate a portion of proceeds to OHS.

Shop OHS Merchandise»

Make a statement in our pawsome OHS merchandise. A portion of every sale provides food, training and medical care for pets in need.

Sell or Donate One Cool Thing »

You can sell items to benefit OHS or donate valuables directly to us. Either way, the proceeds will benefit OHS pets.

Donate Cans and Bottles »

Donate your cans and bottles through BottleDrop and choose Oregon Humane Society to receive funds.