BreedPointer - Mix
    ColorWhite, Chocolate
    Age5 months
    Weight25.4 lbs
    Code #264384

    What my friends at OHS say about me:

    • I am just a baby! I will need guidance and patience – plus regular play time with you! Taking a training class will help us bond and help me become a model canine citizen.
    • Resource Guarding: I have a history of guarding my people, food, toys and/or bedding from other animals or people.
    • To prepare for your meet and greet, please take a moment to learn more about puppy ownership here !
    • This pet came to the shelter with a fractured (broken) leg. The fracture was surgically fixed with pins placed through the bone, as well as wires placed around the bone . Post-operative radiographs show that the bone has healed and the wire was removed. While healing appears complete, the pet may continue to show some lameness, especially on exertion, and may be more prone to arthritis in the joints near the fracture as they age.

    The type of home I’m looking for:

    • I may do best in a home without cats.
    • It could be with you! Click here to learn about the adoption process.
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