BreedAmerican Staffordshire Terrier - Border Collie
ColorRed, White
Age3 years and 3 months
Weight72 lbs
Code #256280

What my friends at OHS say about me:

  • I got my DNA results and I’m 9 different breeds! Predominantly 57% Staffie, 14% Border Collie, and 10% Australian Shepherd!
  • Get to know me. Watch my video below!
  • I’m a sweet and gentle guy who loves to cuddle and sit quietly.
  • Fear and Anxiety: I can be worried about new people, new surroundings and touch. I prefer to take things at my own pace and will need to live in a calm environment.
  • House Training: I have a history of house training struggles.
  • Escape Artist: I have a history of escapingdoors or fences. I will need supervision when outdoors or we can go on adventurestogether – on leash of course!
  • Animal Interactions: I have displayed behaviors toward other animals that will require additional caution and good management.
  • I have been diagnosed with dental disease , but had my teeth cleaned while at OHS.
  • I have chronic skin issues which will require long term management. It can be caused by different factors such as fleas, food or environmental factors.

The type of home I’m looking for:

  • I must go to a home with a fenced in yard.
  • I’m looking for an owner who is willing to use positive reinforcement training to help with these behaviors. I would flourish in a calm environment and a low-traffic home.
  • I may do best in a home with older children.
  • I will need to meet any caninecompanions prior to getting adopted.
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