Adopted 08/12/2019
Type Rodent
Breed Rat - Dumbo
Sex Male
Color Black
Age 1 years
Weight 0.9 lbs
Code # 236301

What my friends at OHS say about me:

  • Rats are clean, intelligent and we love human company!
  • Food specifically for rats, fresh fruits and veggies and fresh water are the key things to keep my healthy.
  • We also like wood blocks for us to chew on to keep our teeth healthy!
  • I will need plenty of space to play, explore and sleep. Multi-level cages are the most fun and the bigger the cage, the better!
  • Rats are social animals! I may enjoy having another rat friend in the home to keep me company!
  • I am bonded to Razz 236302. We must go home together and our adoption fee includes both of us.
  • Click here or visit OHS to learn more about the adoption process!